As Liberians Press For Missing Billions, CDC’s Mulbah Morlue Shamelessly Picks Bone With Opposition

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu

As Liberians eagerly on the standby to hear the findings from the committee setup by the government to speedily probe the whereabouts of the missing container allegedly contained over Sixteen Billion Liberian Dollars, the Chairman of the ruling CDC Government, Mulbah Morlu is accusing the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings of sponsoring the just ended peaceful protest where Liberians were demanding the Government to bring back the missing container.

Addressing journalists at his party’s headquarter in Congo Town, Morlue shamelessly picked bones with ANC political leader, noting that he (Cummings) personally provided finances for the printing of T-Sharts wore by the protesters under the banner: ‘Bring Our Money Back’, and allegation denied by the ANC, but still Morlu lambasted politicians aiding protesters the carryout their plans.

Morlue who was aggressive in his utterances towards the opposition, described the protest which on that day, Monday, September 24, 2018 locked the city of Monrovia with hundreds of Liberians from all over the city and its environs as a ‘Handful’ of people, condemned their action of calling on the government to bring back the missing money.

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