As Liberians’ Expectation For Growth Remains Uncertain, Thousands Rush For U.S. Diversity Immigrant Visas

On a daily basis, hundreds troop at local internet cafés in Monrovia and its environs to eagerly register for the United States diversity Immigrant Visa in their bid to leave their home country, Liberia for the United States seeking for a greener pastures.

According to a survey conducted by our staff, as compare to yesteryears, those who have applied for the U.S. diversity immigrant visa has reportedly increased, with many of the applicants stating that the current Government of President George Manneh Weah seems to be unfavorable to them as a result of growing hardship.

“My brother, I rather more in foreign land and make a better living than to stay in my own home country and die, there is know sign for our country to improve; people we taught would have rescue us are now eating everything including our resource being plundered into. I am tired and want to leave,” Jacob Alison, one of the applicants in a chat with the GNN stressed.

Like Jacob, others are threading the same avenue opting to travel to the United States via the diversity immigrant visa, noting that the situation they are encountering in the home country is unbearable, “Liberia will get harder with this level of things taken place, know improvement at all since President George Weah came to power. All you see and hear is buying properties and building compounds for only themselves, I want to leave this country. I pray to God every night to be one of the lucky ones,” Saralyn Doe furious over Liberia’s current plight.

Every year in October, a new but old form of business takes over Liberia’s capital. New commercial stalls, booth and shops are seen with banners hanging with a huge inscription “play your DV [Diversity Visa} here”. The DV, for some, is huge business while all of the DV players see it as an opportunity to end their suffering.

Due to this, Liberians are lineup in long in queues at various stalls, booths and internet cafes to play the Diversity Visa; this desire by many Liberians to leave the shores of their nation is not unique to Liberia. It has now become a tradition for many African nations. The desperation by these Africans is due to the harsh economic reality in their countries. Most of the players see the DV as a gateway to improve their economic and educational status.

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