As Liberian Scholarship Students Stranded In Morocco, Gov’t Frowns

Professor Ansu Sonii, Minister of Education

The government of Liberia has frowned on the recent conduct exhibited by Liberian scholarship students in the Kingdom of Morocco, urging other beneficiaries of government scholarships at home and abroad to refrain from staging protests as a means of drawing attention to their plight.

On August 2, Liberian students in the Kingdom of Morocco staged a peaceful protest at the Liberian Embassy in demand of 10 months allowance reportedly owed them by the government.

The students had earlier complained that they are unable to pay their rents, buy books and cater to their daily needs due to the delay in receiving their allowances.

But speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia on Thursday, Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar M. Findley said that Liberia has been in bilateral  relationship with the Moroccan government in several sectors, citing that one of which is the educational sector, believing that apartment owners will not evict students as the result of such bilateral ties.

Findley said it is impossible for the landlords to throw the Liberian students out of their apartments when the Liberian and Moroccan governments signed a one-year rental contract which runs from November 2018 to October 2019.

Findley stated that the Government of Liberia is committed to rebuilding the education sector and for 12 years Liberians have been sent to study in Morocco in different disciplines, noting that 54 students left Liberia for study in Morocco and all of these students are housed in an apartment rented by the government of Liberia for one year.

For his part, the Minister of Education, Dr. Ansu  Sonii disclosed that the total of 86 students are studying in Morocco and that “32 of them have over stayed.”

He said the government of Liberia has been proactive in providing support to scholarship students abroad.

According to Sonii, all of the 54 students who left for Morocco this year were provided the necessary support by the Government of Liberia, citing that it is unbelievable to note that students are demanding for allowances and rent.


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