As IRC Appreciates Joseph Sackor, Chief Tuazama Legacy Award Dedicated To His Nephew

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Due to his numerous humanitarian services without borders, the head of the Liberia Medical Mission, Joseph Sackor was recently honored by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in New York, the United States.

In a communication to Mr. Sackor dated on July 16, 2021, the President of the IRC, David Miliband praised Mr. Sackor for his numerous humanitarian services to  people without borders, and further noted, “On behalf of the International Rescue Committee and in the concert with the Refugee Advocacy Lab, I would like to extend my gratitude for your willingness to share your story and your expertise at the 2021 World Refugee Day Summit: “Ready to welcome: States Lay The Foundation,” States do, indeed, lay the foundation for the U,S, Refugees Administration Program (USRAP) and you are a critical partner in that in that work”, the IRC President noted.

The IRC boss further stressed, “Your work with Refugee Congress and the business with for Refugees pledge has set the stage for these welcoming measures. I am grateful for your foresight, expertise and leadership in supporting refugees’ communities. With an anticipated increase in refugee arrivals over the coming years, the importance of ensuring strong support for integration processes, educational setting, and economic environments cannot be overstated. I viewed individuals such as yourself as a leader in building a Nation of Opportunity – One where the formerly persecuted can experience freedom and everywhere as a chance to achieve the American dream”. The IRC Boss communication to Mr. Sackor concluding noted, “I look forward to continuing our partnership with you – and learning from the ways you create a more welcoming America for Refugees”, the communication concluded.

Joseph Sackor and his lovely wife Saymu Geneyan –Sackor

Meanwhile, Mr. Sackor has extended thanks and appreciation to the head of the for this recognition, also expressed thanks to Mr Kanwen Owen Johnson Tuazama   and team for the nomination of Chief Tuazama Legacy Award, and further noted that the presentation of this award which coincided with the death of his nephew, Foday Soko Sackor is dedicated this award the Chief Tuazama Award in honor of him.

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