As House Requests Browne’s Appearance Today, His Reply Is “Legislature Is Not a Court of Competent Jurisdiction”

Mr. Philipbert Brown, the publisher whose paper, the Hot Pepper Newspaper unearthed the missing billions

As many Liberians who heard and were told that the Publisher of the independent Hot Pepper newspaper, the paper that broke the news that the 53rd legislators received bribes to  allow the Central Bank of Liberia to print money, was being cited by the 54th legislators to appear today.

But in his reply, Philipbert Brown in an interview published in today’s Hot Pepper said, the legislature is not a Court of competent jurisdiction to be requesting evidence from a journalist; instead a political theater, noting, “I assumed that the resolution of the whereabouts of the Liberian people’s money, the L$15.5 Billion will end up in the Court of Liberia,” Mr. Browne told the paper.

Speaking further on his invite by the legislators today, Mr. Bowne in his reaction also said, “Even though ca journalist is to protect his source at all times, if I am subpoena by a court of competent jurisdiction, then I will produce all necessary evidence. But until that time, what I have spoken I have spoken,” Mr. Browne said.

So the million dollar question today, is will Mr. Philipbert Browne appear before House has been requested?

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