As House Craves The Appearance Of Journalist Philipbert Brown On The Alleged ‘Missing L$16 Billion, Analysts Asked: Is Mulbah Morlu Above The Law?

My interest have been drawn to the drama at the National Legislature where members of that august body is inviting the publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper, the paper that broke the news of the alleged missing sixteen billion dollars to ‘tutor’ them more about the alleged missing billions.

The Publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper was to appear on Monday, November 19, 2018, as being requested by the House of Representatives, but instead replied in his paper saying the legislature is not a Court of competent jurisdiction to be requesting evidence from a journalist; instead a political theater.

Speaking further on his invite by the legislators on Monday, Mr. Bowne in his reaction also said, “Even though ca journalist is to protect his source at all times, if I am subpoena by a court of competent jurisdiction, then I will produce all necessary evidence. But until that time, what I have spoken I have spoken,” Mr. Browne said

But still determined, the House on Monday, the day Mr. Browne should have appeared, and did not, was again with a majority votes issued another invite to the journalist asking him to appear on Thursday, November 22, 2018 to tell them about the missing billion.

Like the journalist who broke the news about the missing billions, the Chairman of the ruling Party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr. Mulbah Morlue during the early days of the report, informing the public and the world at large that he knows the whereabouts of the missing money, but is yet to be invited by the House of Representatives.

Speaking to journalists on the missing money in early October of this year (2018),  Morlu, said he knows what happened to the money.

Howbeit, Patray’s a account of the ‘missing billions’, appears to be yet another contradiction of the facts surrounding the imbroglio that has engulfed the country regarding this episode, as CDC chair Morlu has said that other than the CBL reserve vaults, he knows exactly where the ‘missing money’ was taken.

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