As Gasoline Shortage Continues, Gov’t Remains Mute On Alleged Stealing Of Over One Million Gallon Of The Product At LPRC

Mrs. Marie Urey Coleman, Managing Director LPRC

Recent report by local media in Monrovia that the head of Marketing & Commercial Services at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) was allegedly undergoing investigation for his alleged link for the missing of over one million of gallon of gasoline, information regarding the reported outcome of the investigation is yet to be released by the LPRC management.

A local radio station, OK FM 99.5 repeatedly featured a report on the alleged stealing of the gasoline at the LPRC, but the unfortunate situation for Liberians to hear the outcome of its findings has left many to wondered as to what is actually happening as the issue of the shortage of the product continue to suffer many commuters and vehicle owners.

Over the past days, Liberians who spoke to the GNN are murmuring over this situation, wondering as to why the Liberian government through the Ministry of Commerce and the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company is not telling Liberians the truth of what is happening to the shortage of the product, and also questioning the LPRC to disclose the alleged missing of one million gallon of gasoline amid its shortage.

As early as 4am dozens of individuals were seen walking to central Monrovia and other parts of the city to reach to their various locations where their businesses are, while school going children were also walking to their respective schools as a result of the lack of vehicles to take them to their schools and workplace.

Report just coming from the presidency has said the Liberian leader, George Manneh Weah has with immediate effect set a committee to look into the issue of the gasoline crisis, and establish the cause of the shortage of the product. This committee is been headed by the Minister of State Without Portfolio, members of the committee include importers of the product in the country.

In a related development, the Chief Executive of the Aminita Gas Services in the country, Siaka Toure has disclosed on a local radio station that several tankers are about now are heading to neighboring Sierra Leone to purchase the product and bring same to ease the situation in the country.

Mr. Toure said this arrangement was made possible through the involvement of the Liberian government, and further hope that it will solve the current gasoline crisis in the country.

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