As Finance Minister Declares ‘No Money Missing’ Civil Society Groups Want Him Arrested

Liberia’s Finance Minister Samuel Tweah

Following his denial that the container of money [L$16 billion] imported into the country has disappeared, rights groups including the  Human Rights Monitor of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Liberia has called on the government to immediately arrest him for “misleading the public when he sanctioned looting the country’s resources.”

Jefferson Knight said Minister Tweah’s utterances in the wake of the missing money demonstrated that he was knowledgeable of the “money saga,” and has called for Tweah’s arrest or suspension, in order to assist with ongoing investigations.

Mr. Knight is also president of the Civil and Trade Union Institutions of Liberia.

“Minister Tweah is saying that nothing has happened as far as such a huge money is concerned and, therefore, we should go back to business as usual,” Knight said.

At a press conference on Thursday, September 20 in Monrovia, he insisted that Tweah be arrested or suspended so that he can form part of the investigation, “because he knows where the money is, and should therefore be made to explain about it.”

Knight said the disappearance of the money was a high degree of criminality and one of the worst economic crimes that Liberia has experienced in recent history, “especially when the people are grappling with the current harsh economic situation.”

“Let me make it clear that any attempt to compromise this case will be resisted by the Liberian people, because it is necessary that President George Weah takes some punitive measures to save the state from bleeding, “ he said.

Knight added: “We are going to mobilize our members, including marketers and students, to stage a massive demonstration.”

He said information about the missing money was scaring, because it has the propensity to increase the suffering of the Liberian people under Weah’s presidency.

Knight lauded news that investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America were now involved with the reported investigation concerning the supposed missing money.


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