As Ex-Police Deputy For Operations, Abraham Kromah Celebrates Birthday With ‘Disadvantaged Youths’ Says They’re Heroes For Tomorrow

Col. Gregory Coleman with the celebrant, Col. Abraham Kromah speaking during the program

Regarded as a friend of all, the former Deputy Director of Police for Operations , Abraham Kromah yesterday, October 23, 2019 celebrated his natal day with dozens of disadvantaged youths, popularly call locally as ‘Zogos’ urged them to be law abiding if they want to become tomorrow’s heroes.

The occasion which was held down Center Street in the Pelham Building, brought together dozens of young disadvantaged Liberians including girls were provided with food and drinks in celebration of Col. Kromah who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the PILOT Security Service.

Addressing the jubilant youths, many of them who fought for various former warring factions during the Liberian civil war, Col. Kromah called on them not to see themselves as ‘good for nothing’, stressing their current conditions was the result of misfortune experienced over the years.

He further noted that there are great potential for those called Zogoes today, and call on parents and the public not to close a blind eye on them but join in the crusade to rehabilitate them to become usable for tomorrow’s generation.

Flank by former Police Director, Gregory Coleman, frowned on those calling these disadvantage youths ‘Zogoes’, because the current condition which was cause by the direct result of misdirection and ill-advised given them by politicians and rebel leaders which has now become a national embarrassment that must be tackled by all for the future stability of Liberia.

“ Today I see many you my brothers walking in the streets of Monrovia, and when I look back at my time, it becomes an obligation to share with you the little I have because I might have been like you all today but the grace of God have kept me going;

“You must believe in yourself and see me as an example that  I Abraham Kromah, could move away from war years to becoming an educated, professional, and a successful businessman. This did not happened by magic but by believing in yourself and taking a step further to leave the past; this place; this life of using drugs as the only means for being happy to having  your own children, house, and living well as others are.

“I am a more happier man today because I can share with you the little on my birthday as a sign that you too can be one of the best for Liberia tomorrow, if you begin to leave this hobbit and take life in its real meaning by focusing on positive ventures for the growth of yourself, your family and your country.” Former Director Kromah stated.

Former Director Kromah, further called on the government of Liberia and others faith base organizations, to begin the establishment of centers to detonate those disadvantage youths who are victim of drugs and other harmful substances given them by unpatriotic Politicians to perpetrate their selfish agenda.

For his part, former Police Director, Gregory Coleman, lauded the disadvantage youths for the orderly deportment at today’s program and praised former Deputy Police Director Kromah, for being selfless and not overlooking others but looking beyond the ordinary to see that these disadvantage youths whom many called ‘Zogoes’, can be future leaders and another Police Chief or Director for Operations for Liberia tomorrow.

Former Police Director Coleman, lauded former Director Kromah , for remaining an outstanding professional even while in private life.

He reemphasized called for the rehabilitation and consoling, including setting up of TVET centers to reintegrate those disadvantage youths who can still be usable citizens for the better good of the country.

Speaking on behalf of the disadvantage youths, Joseph Sneh, A.K.A ‘Flower’, thanked Deputy Director for Operation Abraham Kromah, for his continuous show of love for them for the past ten years.

Sneh stated that Director Kromah, visit and celebration of his birthday with them was not really a surprise as he has exemplified those attributes of loving kindness over time.

He recounted former Director Kromah’s generous contribution to them in many cases of illness, including moments when they were confronted with deaths of many of their friends.

Sneh stated that it is about time the government of Liberia begin to setup programs that would rehabilitate them, including the provision of medical treatment and essential items to enable them become better citizens for Liberia.

Former Director Abraham Kromah, birthday celebrations was interspersed by interlude of music by traditional music and dances along with showers of praises by Zogoes.

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