As Establishment Of War Crimes Court Intensifies, Is PYJ Preparing Sanctuary In Nimba

As the establishment of war and economic crime court in Liberia intensifies to target major warlords who masterminded the brutal killing of over 250,000 innocent Liberians and foreign residents during the nearly fifteen years of brutal civil war, report gathered by the GNN has hinted that one of those expected to be prosecuted during the start of court here in Liberia is planning to return to his homeland to be barricaded with heavy security presence.

According to GNN investigation, the former rebel leader, now Senator of Nimba County, Prince Y. Johnson has reportedly ordered his kinsmen, many of whom who took part in the Liberian civil war to be in readiness for any eventuality while he is in his protective hideout in the county.

This latest information in the possession of this outlet confirmed, Senator Johnson’s recent statement on local radio station, Truth FM 96.1, when he publicly declared that amid his arrest for war crimes in Liberia, thousands of former rebel generals, commandos, and other former fighters who fought alongside with him have been order to be in readiness in case of any attempt on his life from any extender forces.

However, some members of the House of Representatives from Nimba County have refused to attest their signatures on the documents for the establishment of the court in Liberia noting that the signing of such document is not timely.

It is not known as to whether Senators from Nimba County will concur with their colleagues in the House of Representatives for the court to be established aimed at prosecuting those who actively took part in such brutal civil war that led to the destruction of the country’s infrastructure growth, and the demise of over 250,000 Liberians and foreign residents.

Thousands of Liberians, many of who relatives, friends and others were killed during the country’s civil war have all welcomed the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia, hoping that those who took part and murdered in cold blood innocent citizens be brought to justice.

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