As East Int’l Reportedly Endangers Road Users’ Lives On The Monrovia/RIA Road, NRF Boss Warns

NRF Boss speaking with staff of East International

Over the past weeks there has been a mountain public outcry due to the way the East International Construction Company and Quality Construction Company has taken its road project for not providing security warnings to motorists and users especially at night endangering the lives of the users of the Monrovia/RIA highway.

This ugly situation on the part of this company has brought the company to spotlight as to its qualification to road construction maintenance, as many car accidents have been taken place, especially during night time.

As a result of this mountain outcry, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Fund of Liberia, Boniface D. Satu took up time to visit the company’s operation site to see for himself and to admonish the management who to do to abort further accident.

During his assessment this week to see for himself the current realities ongoing work on the RIA road corridor mainly earth works, the NRF boss called on the management to erect safety signs along the corridor for road users, noting that it is  regrettable that the corridor is challenged.

He urged road user to take the necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents, stressing that the Ministry of Public Works is working to ensure all safety measures are implemented along the corridor.

The qualification of the East International Construction Company and Quality Construction Company, a company which has been awarded a contract to reconstruct the Monrovia Roberts International Airport highway seems to come under spotlight, especially the danger its operation has posed for the general public and vehicles and the pedestrians.

According to GNN-Liberia quoting engineers and road construction experts, East International Construction Company and Quality Construction Company has no history of professional road construction services that can be remembered, and wondered why such a huge contract was awarded to it.

Information gathered by the GNN-Liberia revealed that in 2009 the company was known as a building material suppliers, few years later due the relationship between some higher-ups at the Ministry of Public Works it was awarded its first contract to pave the Gaye town road in 2012, but unfortunately, according to sources at the Ministry of Public Works it did not do well as expected of it.

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