Amb. Dukuly Demands $5M From George Abi Jaoud, Others To Recover Possession Of Real Property


In continuation of our last publication regarding the legal battle (To recover possession of real property) between a Lebanese businessman Mr. George Abi Jaoudi/Azar Trading Corporation and Ambassador Osman Dukuly, GNN after flipping through volume of Court documents in the possession of this outlet revealed additional facts regarding this legal battle between the two.

Despite efforts applied by the GNN to contact Mr. George Abi Jaoudi regarding a Five Million Dollars lawsuit filed against him by Ambassador Osman Dukuly to recover possession of real property, GNN investigation has unearthed detail of the case including findings from the Ministry of Justice.

According to Ambassador Dukuly, in his petition filed a lawsuit against George Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corporation in the amount of $4,975.000.00.

According to Court documents in the possession of this outlet, revealed that after receiving the findings of the Ministry of Justice, Ambassador Osman Dukuly asked then Criminal Court “C” Judge,  His Honour Emery Paye, to order an investigative survey of his fenced in property at GBK Motors, because, he knew that the area was more than the (1) acre mentioned in the fraudulent Agreement of Lease.

Judge Paye consented to this request, based on the Justice Ministry’s findings, and directed his Clerk of Court to write to the then-Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, Hon. Patrick Sendolo, to send a registered land surveyor to Criminal Court “C” to be qualified for the conduct of the investigative survey. GNN investigation further shows that, registered land surveyor David Beyan, was qualified by the Court to conduct the investigative survey.

Surveyor Beyan then issued notices on the parties concerned for the conduct of the investigative survey, which commenced and ended on June 29, 2016. Surveyor Beyan used a total station surveying equipment to conduct the investigative survey, and, thereafter, submitted his Report to Judge Paye.

The investigative survey Report shows that GBK Motors is illegally and invalidly situated on (2.77) acres of Ambassador Dukuly’s property, instead of the (1) acre stated in the fraudulent Agreement of Lease. The Report also shows that neither the lawyers for Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corp, (Sherman and Sherman Law Office), nor the Lessors, attended the investigative survey, and that Ambassador  Dukuly and one a man identified as Mr. Wein, the business manager for Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corp, were present. Surveyor Beyan’s Report, with field map, metes and bounds, etc. was included in Ambassador Dukuly’s PETITION TO RECOVER POSSESSION OF REAL PROPERTY which was transferred to Civil Law Court “A”. In GNN first investigation, we noted that Judge Scheaplor Dunbar was presiding over Civil Law Court “B” at the time Ambassador Dukuly’s Petition was filed.

GNN also noted that Ms. Bartu Dorley and Mr. Boakai A. M. Sirleaf, attached a joint, fraudulent Letter of Administration that had been revoked by the Probate Court Judge for Montserrado County, his Honour, J. Vinton Holder, to support their claim of ownership to the GBK Motors property. Mr. Stephen A. Tolbert 11 presented no document to the Court to attest to his claim of being an Administrator of any “Dukuly Estate”.

At the commencement of the case, Heritage Partners and Associates Law Firm of Cllr. Negbalee warner, Cllr. Abraham B. Silah, Sr., and others was contracted by the Lessors to represent them. Cllr. Warner was then, and still is, the Dean of the University of Liberia Law School.

When Judge Peter Gbeneweleh took over the case from Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay, at Civil Law Court “A”, he directed his Clerk of Court to make assignments on the concerned parties for a trial on January 14, 2020. Neither counsels for the Lessors nor the Lessors attended the trial, without any excuses offered to the Court for their absences. The Sherman and Sherman Law Office was mistakenly not served a copy of the assignment.

Ambassador Dukuly and his counsels were in court for the trial. Judge Gbeneweleh, therefore, ruled that another assignment would be made and served on all the parties. There is where the matter rested until Ambassador Dukuly asked new lawyers to request the Court for an assignment for trial.

The case in question went from Judge Dunbar to Judge Ceaineh D. Clinton Johnson, and then to Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay, Sr.

Meanwhile, GNN has observed that the structures within the GBK Motors compound are being demolished by a joint venture allegedly owned by George Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corp. and Mr. Rashpaul Singh – commonly called Paul Sethi, according to Ambassador Dukuly.

However, Ambassador Dukuly has told GNN that he would welcome urgent offers of legal representation on his behalf through this outlet

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