Arrested Guinea president Alpha Conde refuses to take food — report

“The president’s health is our main concern at this point,” Rally of the Guinean People political party spokesman said

PRETORIA, September 7. /TASS/. President of Guinea Alpha Conde, arrested by military rebels on September 5, refuses to take food, Guinee360 reported Tuesday, citing Conde’s Rally of the Guinean People political party spokesman.

“The president’s health is our main concern at this point. We have information that he refuses to take food,” the spokesman said, adding that the president’s health worsens every day.

The spokesman noted that the party’s political bureau will convene in the upcoming days to discuss the situation and come up with a statement. The party published no official address or statement since the military coup.

“The party must hold consultations before it can announce its position,” the spokesman said.

On September 5, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, the commander of an elite Guinea special operations unit, announced the apprehension of President Alpha Conde, 83, who led the country since 2010. The rebels established the National Reconciliation and Development Committee, appointed military governors and imposed a curfew. According to Doumbouya, Conde was provided with a doctor after the arrest. Key global powers, including Russia, condemned the unconstitutional actions of the military, and urged to release Conde and to resolve the situation via negotiations.

Source: TASS

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