Arise from Ashes Empowers Local Farmers in Maryland County with Agro-Ecological Farming Training

In a bid to revolutionize farming practices and bolster sustainable agriculture in Maryland County, a non-governmental organization Arise from Ashes has extended agro-ecological farming training to local farmers and students in Barrobo and Harper Districts.

Madam Emily E. Erskine, the Executive Director of Arise from Ashes, underscored the organization’s commitment to community engagement and empowering the next generation of farmers. Speaking during the beginning of the training program in Harper, Erskine emphasized the importance of equipping farmers and students with the necessary skills to transform the agricultural landscape of Maryland County.

Erskine, who expressed her delight at being back in her hometown, outlined the organization’s strategy of targeting schoolchildren to introduce them to innovative farming techniques. She stressed the significance of focusing on agro-ecological principles to promote flexibility, biodiversity, and environmental sustainability in local farming practices.

Leading the training sessions, Mr. Willie Torgbor, the Lead Facilitator, expressed optimism about the impact of the program. Through presentations and practical demonstrations, participants gained insights into various agro-ecological principles, including organic pest management, soil health enhancement, and the importance of crop diversity.

Participants welcomed the initiative, recognizing its potential to not only improve farming techniques but also to foster environmental stewardship and ensure a sustainable future for agriculture in Maryland County.

The efforts of Arise from Ashes underscore the importance of collaborative initiatives in empowering local communities and driving positive change in agriculture towards a more sustainable future.

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