ArcelorMittal Liberia Makes Commitment to Women’s Empowerment

ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) has made a resolute commitment to advancing women’s and girls’ empowerment throughout Liberia.

The iron ore mining company said it was working to achieve a profound example of inclusivity and equality, extending from the depths of its mines to the intricacies of logistics and corporate offices in Buchanan and Monrovia.

This commitment to equal treatment resonates through every aspect of the company’s operations, reshaping traditional norms from a male-dominated workplace to fostering an environment of opportunity for all, irrespective of gender.

Already, within the rugged terrain of the mines, women stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, with ArcelorMittal recognizing and celebrating their expertise and dedication, proving their mettle in fields traditionally dominated by men.

Through comprehensive training programs, mentorship initiatives, and flexible work arrangements, ArcelorMittal Liberia’s top management has further committed to ensuring that every woman has the chance to thrive.

As the company flourishes, so do the communities it serves, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of women’s empowerment.

The commitment to uphold and advance gender inclusion was recently underscored as the company heavily supported its women to commemorate International Women’s Day at the Buchanan and Yekepa operational areas.

AML’s Phase II Project Director, Pierre Doye, and AML Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Taylor, reiterated the business’ commitment to advancing women’s empowerment by increasing the number of women in the workforce and providing opportunities to enhance the representation of women in technical leadership, as well as middle and senior management positions.

They expressed gratitude to Madam Synleseh Stephenie Dahn Koung, Second Lady of the Republic of Liberia, for gracing the AML women’s celebration and echoing calls for more protection and empowerment of women.

ArcelorMittal, a leading global player in the steel industry, maintains a global commitment to promoting gender equity in the workplace through comprehensive policies and initiatives.

At the core of ArcelorMittal’s approach lies the principle of equal opportunities, ensuring that all employees, regardless of gender, have access to the same employment opportunities, career advancement paths, and training programs.

By fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, ArcelorMittal acknowledges the invaluable contributions that individuals from diverse backgrounds, including women, bring to its global brand.

This inclusive culture enhances employee satisfaction and engagement, driving innovation and creativity, and thereby contributing to the company’s overall success.

Furthermore, ArcelorMittal prioritizes the professional development and advancement of women in the workforce through targeted training, mentorship, and leadership programs, providing women with the necessary tools, resources, and support to overcome barriers and excel in their careers within the organization.

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