Ansu Shirk Sonii Sees Community Developments As a way forward in Helping Liberia

It is often said if a man is faithful in little things, he will be faithful in bigger things by doing bigger works with it. Besides, passion drives an individual to even remove a mountain even when it is believed to be impossible.

This is exactly what Ansu Shirk Sonii, a son of Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County, western Liberia is looking at. Sonii who is helping to transform his county says he sees community developments as the best way forward in helping Liberia. According to Sonii, he is a man on a mission to ensure that the various communities in Grand Cape Mount County are development by working and collaborating with every citizen of the county to the development of the county as the best way forward.

When quizzed whether he has political ambition, Sonii made it resoundingly clear that he is not a politician and not even thinking on such today or in the future, but said he is just been drive by passion in giving back to society in any way possible and wants  every Liberian to think in such direction.

“I am not a politician. I am a development journalist and I think each and every Liberian has a role to play when it comes to the development of our respective counties or country in general. I started helping through small development initiatives way back and they are becoming bigger everyday and it has no political connection. We all can help to develop our county through these small development initiatives,” he said.

As a certified media guru himself, Sonii said during his time as a community radio personality in the county, he engaged the leadership of the county and promoted transparency and accountability through the various radio stations.

Prior to him joining the gold giant company, Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) as its Community and Media Relations Officer, he constructed a computer and secondary school in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County helping several citizens in that part of the country.

While working with the Talking Drum Studio/Search for Common Ground, Sonii helped to build Radio Cape Mount County in Sinje by raising funds for the construction.  According to him, this fund was through the help of the Canadian Aid and Actionaid Liberia respectively.

Currently, Sonii is working on another project in Sinje, his hometown, the district headquarters of Garwula District. The project is expected to be launched in January 2023 and will contain four giant-size buildings.

He said “This place will be a training ground for young journalists and those desiring to become journalists. We will train in one of the building; one will be used for radio station and one as residence for instructors. I will be getting smart students in Grand Cape Mount County to attend this school.”

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