Another Revelation On Hiring, Housing Of ‘Abled Body Men’ In Tweh Farm, As Koijee Rubbishes Any Links  

More Revelations on alleged hiring and housing of ‘Unidentified Individuals’ in Tweh Farm, the enclave of Monrovia reportedly by the Secretary General of the former ruling party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) continues to emerge with the latest indicating that these individuals allegedly residing in this particular house are peaceful citizens.

Our reporter who visited the area for the second time, noticed that many of the residents in the fenced yard, to the contrary saw men moving in and out of the fence who, according to our source are been aided by the former City Mayor due to the lack accommodation, this was reportedly done without any ulterior motive, a source in a chat with our staff noted.

However, speaking via a mobile phone on Thursday, March 21, the Secretary General of the CDC, Jefferson Tamba Koijee rubbished the information of aiding ‘Abled body men’ in Tweh Farm, and also denied of owning any building in Tweh Farm to house strange men as being rumored in the area.

This week, GNN reported on it’s widely browse website, that a Cross section of citizens are apprehensive about a single house reportedly owned by the former Mayor of the City of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee in Tweh Farm, Bushrod Island, where it is being rumored that several abled body men (mostly ex-combatants) are been housed under the supervision of Koijee, thus raising series of security concerns in the neighborhood with residents of the community expressing fear.

Our reporter who got the tipoff drove to the area, and to his utmost disbelief saw the building located near the Monrovia Breweries Incorporated, affectionately known as ‘Beer Factory’ in a huge fence. Our reporter was hinted by some residents of the area that the house which is being canopied by a gigantic fence is occupied by several abled body men, but is not known as to their mission in such a hidden place.

Our reporter speaking to some of the residents after his observation mission for nearly an hour said, he was told that before anyone enters the fence there must be some demonstrative sign, and also disclosed that the occupants of the building are only males, but wondered as to the actual reason of their occupying of the building allegedly owned by the former City the Mayor of Monrovia who has become a serious critic of the Boakai and Koung Government.

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