Another Muslim Lawyer Wants Qualified Lawyers Appointed

Liberian Leader, President George Manneh Weah

Following a call by some Liberian Muslim lawyers to allow the Liberian Leader, President George Weah to appoint a Muslim to head a Circuit Court, another Muslim has added to voice to such calls.

Speaking to the GNN on Saturday, a prominent Liberian Musa J. Kromah admitted that the appointment of Judge Yousuf Kaba as Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of Liberia by President Weah is welcoming by the Liberian Muslim community, but quickly noted that other qualified Muslim Lawyers must also be given the opportunities to serve the country, Liberia.

Speaking further, Mr. Kromah said the Liberian Muslim community is appealing to the Liberian Leader to see reason in making such appointment, stressing, “We are appealing to the President to appoint qualified Muslim Lawyers to the Circuit Court.

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