Another Liberian, John Hilary Tubman Gruesomely Murdered In His Home

The mysterious deaths of people in Monrovia and other parts of the country is increasing by the day, a situation which made many to wonder what will happen to them the next hour or day.

According to report, John Hilary Tubman, the elder son of the late Liberian President William V.S. Tubman was gruesomely murdered at his home in the Sinkor, Monrovia suburb late last night, September 21, 2021.

Following his gruesome murdered, his daughter outside the country posted on social media, noting, “I got the worst call of my life; my father John Hilary Tubman was brutally murdered at his home in Liberia! Now, I have no parents or grandparents! God help me it is only you it is only you that I am depending on to carry me through this one! I love you JHT (Uncle John, Dad, Granpa)…Rest in perfect peace!!! She concluded. The photo of the late Tubman could not be used due to the way he was gruesomely murdered.

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