ANC Grand Bassa County Chairman Placed Behind Bars for Alleged Theft Of Property

By: Elton Wroinbee Tiah | GNN Grand Bassa County Correspondent|

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, ANC political leader

The County Chairman of the Alternative National Congress Solomon Kollie has been arrested and placed behind bars at Liberia National Police Station at the County’s Administrative Building in Buchanan.

The arrest of Kollie comes as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Grand Bassa Community College ‘s Administration .

Kollie was charged for theft of property according to the arrest order from the County Attorney’s office.

According to the college’s President Samuel Monwell, Solomon Kollie is allegedly in possession of over 1000 empty degrees and a chrome which he has refused to turn over.

Solomon Kollie who was the Head of the College’s Business Department made his way at the office of the County Attorney on Wednesday morning after receiving a communication from the attorney’s office.

Kollie was recently dismissed for allegedly taking bribe from a female student ( Nays Togba) for grade a situation that led to his dismissal.

It was reported that Kollie received LD$4,000 from student Nays Togba which he claimed was meant for stratch cards.

Kollie headed the just ended graduation committee at the Grand Bassa Community College.

The Liberia National Police couldn’t allow journalists to speak to Mr. Kollie while behind he is behind bars, but was later on released.

Detail will follow in our subsequent report  .

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