ANC Cracks As Several Partisans Including Its Vice Standard, Situation Which Seems Worrisome To Partisans

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, ANC political leader

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) of businessman Alexander B. Cummings is said to be having its political troubles as many of its battle criers and youths of the Party in Bong County, the home of the Party’s former Standard Bearer, Jeremiah Sulunted who recently resigned from the Party based on political differences.

According to report, those youths who have resigned from the ANC at from the birth place of Ambassador Sulunted, apparently is expressing their dissatisfaction over current situation within the Party that allegedly led to the resignation of their kinsman, Ambassador Sulunteh.

Ambassador Sulunteh resigned last week after he accused the party of betrayal following the allocation of counties by the Collaborating Political Parties for the December 8 special Senatorial election.

The ANC is part of a collaboration of political parties including All Liberian Party and Liberty Party that recently agreed to select candidates for the December elections as enshrined in a Framework Document of the CPP.

Those who resigned from the Party include: Ebenezer Gotolo, head of auxiliary, Bong chapter, Flomo Botokai, vice chair for administration, Bong chapter, Allen Paulono, spokesman for the party during the 2017 presidential elections, Ferguson Kollie, campaign mobilization chairman in Bong County during the 2017 presidential elections and John O. Flomo, former campaign chairman in Bong County.

In a letter of resignation to the party’s Bong County chairman, James Saybay, the aggrieved ANC partisans stated: “We the aggrieved partisans of the ANC in Bong County have reached a decision to resign from the party with immediate effect based on the constant betrayal of the party towards its former vice standard bearer, Jeremiah Sulunteh.”

The aggrieved partisans said the decision by the Collaborating Political Parties to allot counties to political parties without a primary was undemocratic. “We can’t be part of a process that promotes undemocratic tendencies. We criticize the ruling establishment for undemocratic issues and we are opposition political parties have proven to be more undemocratic by virtue of the fact that we were unable to conduct a primary to select a candidate,” John O. Flomo, an aggrieved ANC partisan told FPA.

However, there was no official response word from the party in the county about the resignations of its partisans.

Sulunteh, following his resignation, didn’t announce his next political parties but maintained that he will contest as an Independent candidate. “Definitely, I will contest the election as an Independent candidate. I felt betrayed by my party because of the Voters Perceptions Survey,’ he said.

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