Actions Of Five Students Muddy J.J. Roberts United Methodist High School Excellence

Expelled students of the J. J. Roberts United Methodist High School for their linked of lesbianism on school campus

Recent expulsion of five students (all females) of one Liberia’s respectable academic institutions, the J.J. Roberts United Methodist High School for their alleged involvement in the act of lesbianism on the campus of the institution has dragged the institution to a disgraceful situation.

Recent social media report where some students of this institution were seen performing lesbianism in their respective class room has drawn mixed reactions from the public backed with huge condemnations welcoming the decision from the institution’s authority to expel those involved in this ugly act.

Some Liberians who were interviewed collectively condemned the action of these students, and further lauded the administration of the institution for its action, but regretted the negative impact this may have caused the institution, which has been considered as one of the best academic institutions in the country over the years.

“I was shocked when I saw this on my Face Book wall of some female students wearing the J. J. Roberts United Methodist High School; I was saddened of these images, and wondered as to what is happening? At least I am relieved of this shock, after I heard and read in local dailies that these students involved have all been expelled for the Board of this institution,”   Josephine Hoskins of Monrovia in a chat with the GNN noted.

Like Ms. Hoskins, others including parents and guardians of children attending this institution who spoke to the GNN have all expressed serious concerns about this ugly situation which reportedly took place on the campus of the school, lauding the administration for the decision taken to expel these students.

Ordinary Liberians and foreign residents in Monrovia have all welcomed the decision of the school’s administration, and further cautioned other school administrators of this latest incident.

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