“Amos Broius’ Services Were Terminated Long Since” – MOTC Official Angrily Answer To GNN Enquiry

Mr. James Sirleaf, official of the MOTC

GNN-Liberia in its bid to gather the facts surrounding the long-standing battle between the Monrovia Oil Trading Company (MOTC), and Mr. Amos Brosius has professionally decided to touch all sector of the conflict in order to give the clear picture as to what is actually happening between the two groups.

In view of all of these, an official of the MOTC during the week confided in our staff on the ongoing battle between his entity  and its one time shareholder regarding the alleged misapplication of funds for services provided by the Ducor Petroleum Corporation under the management of Mr. Brosius, the MOTC Management has disclosed that Mr. Amos Brosius’ service with the Company was terminated since 2013.

Notarized Minutes of Board of Director Meeting Held at MOTC on Account of Ducor January 9 2013

According to a communication from the MOTC top management, a notarized Minutes of the Board of Director from a meeting held on the 9th of January 2013 in which a resolution was adopted to dismiss Amos Brosius from Ducor Corporation.

In a statement by Mr. James Sirleaf discussing what he called ‘fraudulent’ event undertaken by Mr. Amos Brosius and his Operations Manager, Morris Kanneh in which 5,000 gallons of Diesel Product was allegedly diverted from Ducor Petroleum.

Statement and Appeal to Court Made by James Sirleaf in Criminal Court Case MOTC vs Amos Brosius

According to Mr. Sirleaf quoting an investigation, said it was eventually found out that the product which was lifted for Ducor at LPRC was later however provided to BWI School in Kakata under a Delivery Note from Mr. Brosius’ privately owned Joy Corporation. The Authorized Signature on the Delivery Note provided by Joy Corporation is none other than the then Mgr. of Operations of Ducor, Mr. Morris Kanneh whom had earlier reported that this very product was stolen!

Delivery Note of Joy Corporation dated December 18 2012 to BWI signed by Mr Morris Kanneh for Joy Corporation

He disclosed in the statement, that the delivery Note of Joy Corporation dated December 18, 2012 acknowledging receipt of 1000 Gallons of AGO (Diesel Product) and signed by Mr. Morris Kanneh for Joy Corporation.

Memorandum of Understanding between Ducor Petroleum Management and MOTC Management based on Meeting Held 27 November 2012

He also noted that Interoffice Correspondence to Mr Charles Carron of MOTC from Mr. Amos Brosius with Subject: Fuel Theft at LPRC dated December 29, 2012.

Quoting a Memorandum of Understanding between Ducor Petroleum Management and Mr. Charles Carron, CEO of MOTC based on the premise of peacefully resolving company disputes based on meeting held 27 November 2012.

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