AML Phase Two Will Double Opportunities for Liberians, says Miantor Suah, Project TFS Area Construction Manager and son of Nimba County

AML Tailings storage facility (TSF) Area Construction Manager, Miantor Suah

A proud son of Nimba county working with ArcelorMittal Liberia on its Phase Two project has expressed strong optimism that the Project will double existing learning and employment opportunities at the company, for Liberians.

Miantor Suah, Phase Two project Area Construction Manager for the Tailings storage facility (TSF) said while there is already a huge scope of opportunities being provided by the company for Liberians, the number is expected to more than double when the expansion phase is in full swing.

In an interview, Suah said Phase Two does not only contribute significantly to the overall economic development of Liberia, but it will also create several jobs and learning opportunities during the construction, and then on to the operation phase.

“I would say there are several opportunities that are already here with the presence of AML and these opportunities will more like double following the completion of the Phase Two project,” he said.

As TSF Area Construction Manager, Suah provides leadership for the construction of the Tailings Storage Facilities, water storage dam, the construction of permanent and temporary access roads, and the construction of sediment control structures.

He also managed the geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation, which provided information to feed into the design of several of the Project infrastructures, including the TSF, the concentrator plant, materials handling structures, and the Port of Buchanan. The geotechnical investigation will also provide data for the mine pit design of the Tokadeh, Gangra, and Yuelliton mines, in Yekepa.

At this level, he oversees a critical aspect of the Project, with diligence and a high sense of responsibility. He said he enjoys the challenges and the opportunity to work with a diverse team on a multi-million-dollar project.

“As a son of Nimba, I am humbled; I understand that I have an opportunity that several other qualified Nimbians could have had. However, it happens to be me in this position…this did not come in the absence of hard work and access to certain opportunities. I am more overjoyed when I am seen as an inspiration to other Nimbians who aspire to do more.”

He encouraged Liberians, to take advantage of the learning opportunities being provided by AML, including training at the ArcelorMittal Liberia Training Academy, scholarships, and the several opportunities that are provided.

“I am encouraging people to take advantage of learning opportunities because a famous line from my father is that ‘’it is very likely that we may all have that one golden chance at something that could change your life in one or several ways, but when that chance comes, will you be ready to take advantage of it?” he concluded.

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