Amid Troubling Times In Liberia, President Weah Releases Another Musical Album, ‘Mr. Liar Man’

President George M. Weah

The Liberia’s talented leader and President has again released another musical album entitle, ‘Mr. Liar Man’, this album talks about why people should track him down despite his numerous contributions towards the growth and development of Liberia.

This latest album of the Liberian leader brings the three, the number of musical albums the Liberian leader has  released since his ascendancy.

The first was an awareness audio and video album he released in a bid to encourage Liberians to take the necessary actions to protect themselves from the disease. musical album released for the prevention of this deadly global virus, the COVID-19, than the second album was the one he made for Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, and he has released another one wondering as to why people should talks about in a negative manner.

Click link to listen to President Weah’s latest album

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