Amid Reported ‘Mafa River’ Pollution Allegation, BMMC Delivers Assorted Food Item, Water To Residents Of Affected Communities

Several assorted food items and dozens of bottle of water over the weekend delivered to residents of affected communities of the reported ‘Mafa River’ pollution by the management of the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) as its own way of providing humanitarian assistance while awaits for the findings of the reported pollution of the river where it was reported several fishes and other species died.

According to a dispatch from the company’s site, beneficiaries communities included Jikando , Koma and Malina towns, these items were giving to the communities base on humanitarian ground,  and also an appeal made by the Development Superintendent for fascial Affairs in person off Mr. Varney Sheriff .

Mr. Sheriff, according to the dispatch, said while the EPA is preparing to seriously conduct a detail investigation into the alleged ‘Mafa River’ pollution, it was indeed important for the company to come to the rescue of the affected communities by providing food and safe drinking water to these communities are reportedly affected by the alleged water pollution.

In receiving the items, the residents of the beneficiaries communities expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the management of the BMMC, and hope that the issue of water pollution in their communities will resolved amicably by the authority from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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