Amid Public Works Minister Observation On East Int’l Contract, Journalists Tour Road Construction Site

John Gweama speaking to journalists during the tourFollowing report that the Minister of Public Works, Ruth Coker-Collins has expressed reservation on the delayed works of the East International Construction Company on the Monrovia/Robertsfield highway has given rise to some journalists who have decided to do an independent investigation as to what prompted the Minister’s reservation.

During a tour of the ongoing works of the company operational site by journalists, it was noticed that the company is doing all in its powers to meeting up with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the company and the Ministry of Public Works on the successful completion of the road as required by the MoU.

Journalists who spoke to contractors at their various workplaces for the company on the Monrovia/RIA highway, explained that the delayed of the work is a result of unceremonious  heavy down pull of rains which they noted has contributed to the slow pace of the work, and further vowed that to working assiduously with the company in the completion of the road.

Some residents who are residing in the operational areas of the company. also poured praises on the company for the level of work being done day and night in order to successfully complete the road project on time, and further advised that amid the construction of the road, visible signs be erected for road users mainly at night.

As journalists continue their independent tour of the road, the Structural Inspector for the China Rail Road, John Gweama who is also a consultant on the road project lauded the East International Construction Company for its operation in line with the Ministry of Public Works as required by law, and further indicated that the delay of the work RIA riad is a result of the raining seasons, and assured that the company is qualified to handle this project.

Mr. Gweama also used the occasion to assure the Ministry of Public Works, that the East International Construction Company is doing all for the successful completion of the road in the timeframe set by the Ministry, and bragged that with the level of professional engineers working alone with the company, all will be done in the interest of the people.

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