Amid Growing Hardship, Presidential Affairs Minister Justifies ‘Stealing’In Gov’t

Amid growing hardship in Liberia nowadays, the Minister of State Nathaniel McGill has publicly declared that stealing government money to built houses in Liberia is good.

Minister McGill’s public disparaging comments seems to be contrary to the national code of conduct for public officials; says stealing from government coffers to invest in Liberia is a good thing

According to Minister McGill, investing stolen money in Liberia will be beneficial to the citizens, especially the locals where the money was invested.

The Presidential Affairs Minister justified that if he steals Government money and builds house in Bong County, he will not claim it to himself rather, his grand children will visit the county and appreciate the beauty of the county because of the beautiful buildings that would be built with the stolen money.

However, Minister McGill’s statement runs contrary to the National Code of Conduct for Public Officials and employees of the Liberian Government.

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