Amid December 17 “We Tire Suffering” Protest, U.S. Embassy Issues Alert

Mr. George Wisner and Ambassador Lewis Brown of CPP

As Team Cummings insists on today’s rally, December 17, 2022, with code name, “We Tire Suffering” despite criticisms from other opposition and ruling parties on this event, the United States Embassy near Monrovia has issued ‘Demonstration Alert’ warning all to be careful of their movement.

According to alert, “A rally is scheduled for 9AM on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at SKD Stadium in Paynesville, Liberia. There are no announced road closures, but traffic congestion along ELWA Road and Tubman Blvd. is expected to be heavier than normal.  Please plan your travel accordingly”.

The alert also further, that all should avoid the areas surrounding the demonstration locations. Even peaceful demonstrations may turn violent; Avoid large crowds. Be aware of your surroundings. Monitor local media for updates. Exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests, the alert posted on the embassy webpage warned.

Recently the CPP announced that it will stage a peaceful rally under the captioned “We Tired Suffering” to call President Weah and his government’s attention to the growing wave of sufferings, extreme hardship, societal ills, and bad governance vast majority of the citizens are encountering.

But Mr. Brown, who is the Chairman of Team Cummings and one of the Chief Architects behind the rally, has been verbally attacked by scores of government officials and hierarchies of the ruling party since the rally was pronounced.

Team Cummings, which comprises of several personalities, is the campaign team of the opposition CPP of Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings.

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