Ambassador Osman Dukuly Battles George Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corporation To Recover Possession Of Real Property

By Staff Writer

Mr. George Abi Jaoudi

In order to recover possession of his real property being illegally occupied by a Lebanese businessman, George George Abi Jaoudi, and the Azar Trading Corporation, Ambassador Osman Dukuly is craving for justice to recover his legally acquired real property.

GNN investigation revealed that in 2019 Ambassador Osman Dukuly filed a lawsuit at the Civil Law Court for Montserrado County under the gavel of His Honor Scheaplor R. Dunbar against George Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corporation as Respondents One, and Estate of the Dukulys and Estate of the Sirleafs represented by and thru their Administrators and administrator, Stephen A. Tolbert, II, Boakai A. M. Sirleaf and Bartu Dorley.

Ambassador Osman Dukuly also noted that after the filing of the Petition against the first Defendant, the Defendant through their legal counsel (The Sherman & Sherman Law Offices) filed an answer admitting that that they were neither freeholders nor owners in fee sample of the property subject of the instant Action of Summary Proceedings to Recover Possession of Real Property. Instead, they were only lessees of the Dukulys and the Sirleafs pursuant to an Agreement of Lease executed on the 25th of May, 2011.

The property in question is situated at the corner of United Nations Drive and Jamaica Road, and known as GBK Motors.

According to GNN investigation, Ambassador Osman Dukuly requested the Ministry Justice to investigate the Agreement of Lease, because he was convinced that the document was fraudulent.

According to the findings dated February 1st, 2015 by the then-Assistant, Minister of Justice for Litigation, Augustine C. Fayah, determined that only Ambassador Osman Dukuly.

The disputed property

The Lease agreement consummated by Mr. Stephen A. Tolbert, II el al is within the said 75 acres referred hereto. During the investigation, the Justice Ministry findings continued, It was established that the property leased to George Abi Jaoudi/Azar Trading Corporation was invalid and that the subject property belongs to the Momolu Dukuly Testate Estate of which Ambassador Osman Dukuly and his Sister. Madam Dah Dukuly Sherman are co-owners.

GNN investigation into this case showed that Ambassador Osman Dukuly filed for Five Million United States Dollars damages in his lawsuit against George Abi Jaoudi and Azar Trading Corporation for their illegal and invalid occupation of his properties.

Effort by this outlet to contact Mr, George Abi Jaoudi and the Azar Trading Corporation proved unsuccessful.

Investigation continues

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