ALP Secretariat Fires Back At ANC Chief Scribe

Jethro Emmanuel Kolleh, Deputy Secretary General, Press and Information

The Secretariat of the All Liberian Party (ALP) has strongly reacted to recent insinuation by the Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Aloysius Toe, that of the Unity Party political leader, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai ‘watches the political leader of the ALP to spew out lies against the ANC political leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings.

In a statement delivered on September 29, 2021 at a well-attended press conference at the headquarters of the ALP, Jethro Emmanuel Kolleh, Deputy Secretary General, Press and Information. Said:

Ladies and gentlemen of the press; Partisans of the All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP); well-wishers and supporters; fellow Liberians; distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

The attention of the National Secretariat of the All Liberian Party (ALP) has been drawn to a recent press conference by the Alternative National Congress (ANC) held 27 September 2021 at 2pm. At the press conference, the Secretary General, spewed invectives on the person of the Political Leader of the All Liberian Party and threw disrespectful jabs at the political Leaders of the Liberty Party, current chair of the CPP and the Unity Party. Further, the ANC denied its involvement in alteration of the CPP’s Frame Work, whose investigation is ongoing. Aloysius Toe also declared that ALP’s request for a recall of the Framework and subsequent investigation into circumstances regarding alteration growing out of ambiguity of various interpretations of provisions of the FA and the multiple copies of the Framework Agreement, is without basis.

The ALP   terms the ANC’s queering outburst as lewdly and profanely indecent. The All Liberian party remains a mature and serious political party that will not get involved in exchanges that have no merits but are only geared towards misinforming Liberians and sowing seeds of discord in the CPP. Never in the history of the CPP have we witnessed such disrespect and wanton disregard for our political leaders and elders especially by a sisterly party purporting itself as an agent of  “real change”.

Largely , we wish to remind the Liberian people that  the ANC outburst is intended to undermine the ongoing investigation of the FA. This you will recall is ANC’ usual charade of diversionary tactics whenever it is involved in an unwholesome behavior. It is a known fact that an Aloysius Toe criminally notarized a photocopy-version of what was purported to be a framework document of the CPP and summitted seem to the National Elections Commission (NEC). In order to coverup this grave action of dishonesty, we are not surprised that ANC chose not to address this issue during her press conference, but chose to dwell on smear campaign of misinformation and character assassination.  Up to date, and upon the request of the CPP chairperson, Alexander B. Cummings and the ANC have failed to produce the “original copy of the Framework Agreement”. They continue to masquerade with photocopy versions of the FA. That is why we are asking loudly, Cummings and the ANC, WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL COPY OF THE FA YOU CLAIM WE ALL SIGNED?

But the ALP wishes to emphatically state that it stands by its call for an investigation of the FA and it will not be deterred by unsubstantiated lies. The ALP will make available all of its facts to the investigative committee, and we assure the Liberian people that there will be no business as usual regarding this matter.

However, in this era of information dissemination, it is necessary to correct some of the falsehood provided by the ANC.

The ALP would like to categorically deny/correct the following misinformation:

  1. That there were no alterations in the Framework Document which is currently under investigation and the allegation by the Political Leader of the ALP was an “evil lie against Mr. Cummings and a propaganda intended to harm and devalue the CPP”.

The ALP believes very strongly that there were deliberate procedural violation and the content of the document was manipulated in several different ways. Noticeably, we stand by our statement dated August 18, 2021 and await the outcome of the investigative committee’s report which is scheduled for Friday the 1st of October 2021. We believe that we will be vindicated and the Liberian people will see the true culprit.


  1. “On June 23, 2020, a legal committee made a presentation in the presence of the political leaders after we asked their assistance.” Yes, it is true that the CPP sought the assistance of legal luminaries to assist in this process of which they did and changes were recommended and were subsequently presented to the CPP in a meeting at the Liberty Party Headquarters. What is not being told is that the entire document was to be rewritten and presented back to the CPP for the constituent political parties to review and seek approval from their various executive committees. After which, the document should have been presented to the political leaders for their signatures. This was never done.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the ALP would like to make it categorically clear that its political leader, Hon. Benoni W. Urey is not on any sanction in the world. We challenge anyone to bring any prove contrary to the above. Secondly, we would like to inform the Liberian people that Mr. Benoni W. Urey never participated in any war. As a matter of facts, Mr. Urey fled Liberia like many Liberians and went to Sierra Leone and resided there for six months and moved to the Ivory Coast. He subsequently worked at the African Development Bank for years until his return during the Interim Government of Professor Wilton G. S. Sankawulo.  It is regrettable that people who should have standards and be morally upright, would blatantly lie on the International Community and try to mislead the Liberian people.

In a UN Security Council Press Release dated 23rd December 2013 and coded SC/11229, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1521 (2003) concerning Liberia decided to delist some individuals from the lists of individuals subject to the travel restrictions imposed by paragraph 4 (a) of the resolution 1521 2013 (the travel ban list) and the list of individuals and entities subject to the measures imposed by the paragraph 1 of the resolution 1532 (2004) (the assets freeze list): the measures no longer apply to Mr. Benoni W. Urey. Please see attached copy in exhibit one and also, we urge all Liberians to read the UN Security Council Resolution mentioned above.

The ANC quoted some of the TRC recommendations including session 9.9 which talked about “economic crimes” and other sections that Mr. Urey was indicted for. The ALP wants to emphatically clarify that its political leader, Hon. Benoni W. Urey was only recommended for further inquiry. Again, this is another attempt to delude the people of Liberia about the TRC’s report that Hon. Urey was indicted for inhumane treatment and Economic Crimes. We want to inform you that Mr. Urey was never indicted but was called in as a person of interest to explain his role during the civil crisis which he has done on several occasions. Mr. Urey is willing and prepared to go before an established War and Economic Crimes Court to prove his innocence and the ALP encourages all Liberians to exert more efforts towards the establishment of the court. We have nothing to hide!

In their obscured endeavor to imagine vain and vague things, the ANC said Mr. Urey and others wanted to use the June 7th protest to remove President Weah. Again, we want to remind the attention seeking political party that this is untrue and such information is distasteful and unwelcomed in The June 7th protest was straightly planned by the Council of Patriots and subsequently supported by many Liberians including political stakeholders amongst which Alexander B. Cummings, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and other stalwarts of the ANC were part. Theme of the protest was never subversive as claimed by the ANC and the ALP as a responsible political institution will never be a part of any unconstitutional act. That is why we are calling for an investigation into the accusation surrounding the one hundred and eighty thousand united states dollars ($180,000US) paid allegedly by a constituent party to subject the people of Liberia to sanctions. We urge the chairperson of the CPP to Speedily commission an investigation in this matter. The face of truth-telling.

In conclusion to this matter, the ALP remains a responsible Political Party committed to the collaboration which the Liberian people see as their final hope and will never go against the will of the people. As such, we are patiently waiting the committee’s report.

Signed: ALP-Secretariat

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