Alliance of Civil Society Organizations Comes in Defense of Samora Wolokollie over Martin Kollie’s Accusations

Press Release

Mr. Samora P.Z. Wolokollie

The attention of the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations is deeply concerned about the strayed and unwarranted behavior of Martin K. N. Kollie to continuously impute negatively on the characters of public officials who have built their reputations over the years. His most recent act was meted against Hon Samora P. Z. Wolokolie an outstanding public official with undisputed moral and merited achievements.

It is not a hidden secret that Hon. Wolokollie worked for over twenty years in this country before entering public service. Hon. Wolokolie is an esteemed Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, a lawyer and the co-owner of an accounting and consulting firm (BICON), Inc (CPAs). Hon. Wolokolie also own several other businesses in Liberia.

With the huge profile that Hon. Wolokolie possessed and his years of work experience and resources earned our the period, it is foolhardy for Martin Kollie to doubt the ability and/or capacity of Hon. Wolokolie to own real estate properties. For the benefit of the public who were misled by Martin Kollie, the structures being constructed by Hon. Dr. Atty. Samora P. Z. Wolokolie are being built through a credit facility (loan) from GT Bank strictly for commercial purposes and the value of the loan is US$400K.

Additionally, the structures in Dixville and GSA Road were constructed before Hon. Wolokolie entered government. In fact his GSA home was used as collateral for the acquisition of the loan from GT Bank, plus 100% insurance of said facility.

‘It must also be known that Hon. Wolokolie owns no property on Duport road as asserted by Martin Kollie,’ a release from the organization said.

We like to state that Martin Kollie’s continuous attacks against Hon. Samora Wolokolie and other government officials is disdainful, unfounded, reckless and does not represent any iota of truth telling. Martin Kollie to the best of our knowledge is frustrated and mentally unbalanced after he was abused by his political God-Father who rewarded him with a Pathfinder Jeep.

We challenge Martin Kollie to dispute this allegation; we will unveil every immoral act Martin K. N. Kollie is involved with while he was here in Liberia including his prolong study stay at the University of Liberia. “If You Live In a Glass House Don’t Throw Stones and If You Can’t take Blows don’t Throw Blows”.

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