‘Alleged Murderer Of Charloe Musu Escapes To Ivory Coast’- Jerome Verdier Reveals

Cllr. Jerome Verdier

The alleged killer of the daughter of the former Liberian Chief Justice, Gloria Musu Scott, Varlee Tetteh has reportedly escaped Liberia to Ivory Coast via Nimba County through the alleged helped by the Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, according to Cllr, Jerome Verdier speaking on the Spoon Live disclosed.

Making the disclosure recently, the former Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Cllr. Jerome Verdier accused Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, of being the mastermind of the early Thursday, February 23, 2023, attack on the home of former chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Gloria Musu Scott.

He told Spoon online that Monrovia City Mayor Koijee, early Saturday morning escorted Varlee Telleh, across the Liberian-Ivory Coast border, through Nimba county, to escape any potential prosecution amidst mounting calls for an impartial investigation. .

He revealed further that the four that the police claimed have been were not the perpetrators, and the action to arrest the four-person he termed as an innocent person is an equal travesty of justice.

He called on Police Inspector General Patrick Suedu, to do more to ensure perpetrator Varlee Telleh, is brought to Justice. and also revealed that murdered and late former Deputy Director for Micro-finance, regulation, and supervision, at the Central Bank of Liberia, Matthew Innis was also murdered by Varlee Telleh,

“Cllr. Jerome Verdier claims as a bare-faced lie from hell” Moses Cater, Police Spokesman

Verdier, stated that Matthew Innis was murdered on orders of Samuel Tweah, following the refusal of the late Matthew Innis to make a fabricated story that the 25 million mop-up money was infused into commercial Banks.

He stated that Innis insisted that he had no direct dealings with the 25 million and wonders why he must be the one to give a report that he knew nothing about.

Verdier narrates that following repeated refusal by Mr. Innis, including intervention by former CBL Governor Nathaniel Patry, to conform to the instruction to do the report, a plan was hashed by Samuel Tweah, and others to eliminate him.

He told spoon that Patry following a meeting with Innis without resolution returned to Tweah and reported that Innis was insistent and he could not do further in bridging his professional standing.

Immediately upon Patry return home, he was sacked into a forceful retirement.

Verdier narrated that Samuel Tweah not satisfied with the response of Patry, instructed his chief of staff to invite Mr. Innis to his house for a meeting.

However, prior to his meeting with Mr. Innis, a meeting was convened at Mayor Koijee Office, in presence of Samuel Tweah, Samora Wolokollie, Police Director Patrick Suedu, Janka Kowon, and the Assistant Minister of state without portfolio, Trokon Quea.

Minister Tweah allegedly provided US$50,000 to Mayor Koijee to facilitate the operations and silence, Matthew Innis.

Verdier insisted that Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, was left out of the operations due to family ties of his wife Vivian Inins to Matthew Innis.

Following the meeting at Mayor Koijee’s residence, Varlee Telleh, was called in from Bong Mines at a gold field, acquitted with the operations, and provided him a portion of the money, while Police Director, Patrick Sudue, received US$15,000.00, he could stage coverup operations.

He stated that on the day of the meeting with Samuel Tweah and Matthew Innis, Varlee Telleh, and others were pre-posted in the home of Minister Tweah. Upon his arrival at Tweah’s house, Innis was given a seat and Tweah told him he had something to perform upstairs and would be back.

While still upstairs, Varlee Telleh, and others began the operations by beating Inins mercifully with substances injected into his body, leaving him helpless.

Varlee Telleh, and accomplice identified as Mustapha Fawz, delivered helpless Matthew Innis at the scene which was deemed the place for the accident while Mayor Koijee and Police Commissioner Patrick Sudue, allegedly looked on.

“Mr. Varlee Telleh, and accomplices Mustapha Fawz, and Solo Gban, stage an accident scene by placing Matthew Innis into his vehicle and a truck coming to collide with the truck. But he was good as dead upon driven to the scene.”

“The Police Director, following receipt of US$15,000.00, and Koijee, was at the scene by 1:00 A.M. and took the body of late Matthew Innis to the funeral home along with Varlee Telleh , Mustapha Fawz, and another accomplice Solo Gban, without contacting his family as required during the accident investigation.”  Cllr. Verdier narrated.

But Moses Cater has termed Cllr. Jerome Verdier claims a bore-faced lie from hell which has an undertone due to timing.

Cater questions the sincerity of Cllr. Jerome Verdier into providing any information linking Police Commission Patrick Suedu to the murder allegations.

“Where was Cllr. Verdier all these years following the death of Matthew Innis and others? I think this is a clever attempt by Cllr. Verdier and others to drag Commissioner General Patrick Suedu into unwarranted fightback and we will not dignify such erroneous claims. “Moses Cater told journalists.

On the revelation that four persons were now apprehended by the LNP in connection with the attack and the subsequent murder of the granddaughter of former chief Justice Gloria Scott, Moses Cater told the authoritative Independent Probe that no arrest has been made.

He stated that all people called in for questioning are all persons of interest and investigations are still ongoing.

The Minister of Finance and Development, Planning, Samuel Tweah and Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation, Jefferson Koijee are yet to react to the allegation leveled against them on this latest barrage of allegations by Cllr. Jerome Verdier.

However, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, on Friday, refuted claims by Cllr. Verdier and called on the Ministry of Justice to Investigate.

Addressing members of the media on Friday, February 24, 2023, at his City Hall office, Mayor Koijee stated that he has never spilled blood even a chicken, lest to mention the life of a human being.

Koijee, stated there is no shortcut to the presidency of Liberia, and the accusation by Cllr. Jerome Verdier, are just not directed at him but an attempt to undermine and destabilize the government of Liberia.

The Monrovia City Mayor called on the Ministry of Justice to begin a swift and impartial investigation into the murder incident, including accusations by Cllr. Verdier does not only undermine the security of the state by having a sinister motive to push the country into crisis.

“ I have absolutely no history of even shedding the blood of a chicken, lest to talk about a human being. Those who are making these unfounded claims are people who think the only shortcut to the Presidency of our country is to malign people like us with falsehood.

People like Verdier have spent over the years finding lies to malign me but every time he does, the truth can defeat him.

We have consulted our lawyers both at home and abroad to get him to court so he can prove some of those lies and innuendo.

Once again, the Justice Minister needs to take this very seriously because it’s becoming a systemic attack on our governance system.

We know very well that once you threaten the peace and stability of the U.S, wherever you are the U.S get concerned and I hope they can do the same for Liberia when people like Vedier are using the U.S soil to undermine the peace of a country the U.S has invested a lot.

We hope the Foreign Affairs Minister can reach out as well because this borders on the reputation of our country. Especially when Verdier is also accusing the President of the country. A man who has a track record of being the most peaceful character ever to exist in our country. “Mayor Jefferson Koijee concludes.

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