Aiming for educational excellence, how Bridge Liberia continues to maintain the effectiveness of its team

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Principals in Maryland, following the ongoing refresher training

Embarking upon every new journey requires better planning and adequate preparation if one must be successful. In education, this should be even more pronounced as inculcating knowledge to the future generation of any society is an arduous but rewarding and lofty task for institutions of learning and their staff.

Every new school year presents the same challenges plus new ones while also creating opportunities in education to be explored. While the Covid 19 crisis has altered the opening time of schools, it has also led to different innovations that have impacted the educational sector positively.

Bridge Liberia, a partner to the Ministry of Education (MoE) under the Liberia Education Advancement Programme (LEAP), supported schools are part of schools in Liberia that will be reopening in December for the new school year. Already, principals and staff of the educational provider are gearing up for the task ahead. After some months of being away from mainstream teaching and managing of schools, Bridge is conducting trainings for Principals and teachers across different regions of the country in preparation of performing their various duties.

Principals are being trained and refreshed in how to manage the affairs their schools, the instructional and support staff and the students. Effective school management is key to the successful running of a school. Having recognized this, Bridge Liberia has demonstrated commitment to ensuring that their principals are equipped with the necessary wherewithal to achieve this.

On the other hand, the teacher refresher is forcusing on teaching skills, organization culture, instructional systems,

technology, classroom management, key subject areas and teaching practice sessions with peers and trainer feedback. At the core is ensuring there is clear understanding of health protocols when students return.

Teachers are a major part of the educational ecosystem, in fact, the closest to the students. Hence, Bridge places premium on their ability to teach knowledgeably and effectively.

As a government partner under  LEAP the organization  is focused on delivering impactful learning outcomes as already evidenced from the Randomized Control Trial. While the organization has achieved a lot with so many accolades and research reports to back up its excellence, it is not resting on those laurels but continues to push for the best out of its staff, all geared to the educational success of the Liberian child.

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