Ahead Of October Polls, Social Media Swamped With “Man Can’t Talk All….”

Liberians and foreign residents were awaken to a video  attributed to one of Liberia’s popular talk show hosts, Henry Petro Costa, and trending on his social media page.  Costa can be seen in the podcast dramatically gesturing and saying “Man Can’t Tall All….” Projecting his quest to becoming a running mate to the political leader of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai; this slogan has gone wild on social media amongst Liberians, and is now the ‘Talk of the town’.

Mr. Costa speaking further on his show bragged, that  he is more popular amongst Liberians than any other individual who may be perceived to be a running mate to the Unity Party political leader during the scheduled October 10 polls.

Costa’s jargon, “Man Can’t Talk All…” has fascinated many Liberians who have in return posted on their respective social media pages wondering as to what Costa was referring to, and who was he talking about, in the face of his seemingly vaulting ambition to become a running mate to the Unity Party political leader.

However, many think Costa’s podcast is targeting Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung who is being speculated as being a possible pick for former Vice President Boakai for running mate as we go into the electioneering period. Costa is however claiming more popularity and qualification to becoming a running mate to the UP Standard Bearer, and further condemned him, noting that he is more preferred by many Liberians than Senator Koung.

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