Ahead Of October Poll, Hallowanger Tours Nimba, Urges Kinsmen To Register And Vote

Turing many of the districts, towns and villages in his home county, Nimba, James Hallowanger, one of the 2023 Senatorial Candidates has made a greater impact during his interactions with citizens at various townhall meetings making his interest known for the October 10, 2023 Senatorial race.

According to our reporter who traveled with Mr. Hallowanger during his nearly three weeks of the county, citizens including the elderly, women groups and youth groups at various townhall meetings, Hallowanger assured them his nationalistic services to his kinsmen and the county when elected as their senator.

Using the time to inform his kinsmen on the importance of the upcoming elections, and also calling on them to register and vote, said Nimba County is the only county they have, and further urged them to do away with divisiveness and unite for the common good of all Nimbaians.

Speaking to the GNN, Hallowanger said, “My engagement with my people by entering the first town In Nimba and through the Bong and Nimba boarder. My message during the tour is peace and unity. Nimba is one. No one person owns Nimba and that Nimba belongs to all”, he told journalists.

He further disclosed that his engagement went through upper and Lower Nimba where I was whole hearty received. But lower Nimba, the people of Krahn Kparblee chiefdom and the Gbi – Doru chiefdom informed me how Senator Johnson has referred to them as strangers including the Mandingoes. I then told them, I have not heard this before, but getting this message from two prominent ethnic groups, I have no doubt, it is true. But said, we all are one and there is no stranger in Nimba, However, I went deeper by saying that the jobs in Nimba must be decentralized to all the tribes in Nimba and not only Gios and Manos a lone. Jobs should not be given because of the bigger or second biggest tribe but the best competent and qualified Nimbaians’, he told our reporter in an exclusive interview.

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