Ahead Of 2023 Elections: Cummings Gets Nigeria Blessings, Praised For Execellent Leadership

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has lauded the Political Leader of Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings for the invaluable contributions to the development and growth of the African businesses, especially, when he served as Managing Director of Coca-Cola Nigeria, Ltd.

Cummings served as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Coca-Cola Global, with supervisory responsibility for Coca-Cola’s business across 200 countries worldwide.

He and the former Nigerian President, Mr. Obasanjo have a friendship that spanned over 25 years, when he first served in Nigeria with distinction.
President Obasanjo and the ANC Political Leader met recently in Nigeria where they rekindled and reflected on long and mutually rewarding friendships and also discussed issues of concerns in Liberia.

Their meeting took place on the eve of the Liberian Government dropping criminal charges against the ANC Political Leader, after nearly six months of ill-fated and politically motivated trial by the Monrovia City Court in Monrovia.

During the long hours meeting, President Obasanjo commanded Cummings for his contributions to Africa’s economic growth and development, which he said led to the creation of thousands of jobs, as well as support to small and medium businesses, and providing opportunities for women and young people, during his reign at Coco-Cola.

The Former Nigerian President spoke of the dire need for competent and experienced leadership on the African Continent, and said Cummings, with such professional competence, background and experience, he possess the best qualifications for leadership in Africa, encouraged and wished him success in his bid for the Presidency.

Mr. Obasanjo referenced Cummings’ strong reputation in the international community especially in the global corporate and business world and said, when elected president, Liberia will undoubtedly benefit from huge foreign investments, and job creation and improvements in the overall standard of living of the Liberian people.

President Obasanjo is widely acclaimed for returning the country to sustainable democratic order after nearly 14 years of brutal civil conflict that killed a quarter million of the Liberian population.

Earlier, the ANC Political Leader briefed President Obasanjo on the state of affairs and his intention to contest as President in the 2023 general elections.
Cummings who managed thousands of employees worldwide, with an operational budget of nearly one billion United States dollars, almost, twice the size of Liberia’s national budget, spoke of the enormous challenges to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in Liberia.

Cummings asked for increased international support and attention for Liberia, and briefed Obasanjo on his vision for inclusive government economic growth, longterm security and sustainable peace and democracy upon his election as President of Liberia.

Cummings served as President of Coca-Cola Africa, managing a total of 56 countries and territories across the African Continent.

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