Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh

 After Runoff, LFM Political Leader, Sheikh Kouyateh Calls On NEC To Ensure Credible, Transparent Election

The political leader of Liberia First Movement (LFM), Sheikh Al-moustapha Kouyateh who participated in the just ended October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections is calling on the National Election Commission to uphold its responsibility to protect the rights of every Liberian citizen.

Below is the statement released by the LFM pollical leader

My fellow Liberians,

In this crucial moment as we await the results of the presidential runoff election, I urge you all to remain calm, patient, and steadfast in our commitment to democracy. It is essential that we maintain a peaceful environment and respect the democratic process that has defined our nation.

First and foremost, I call upon the National Election Commission to uphold its responsibility to protect the rights of every Liberian citizen. We must demand a credible and transparent election that ensures the voices of voters are heard and their choices respected. The Commission must act with integrity, impartiality, and diligence to guarantee a fair outcome that reflects the will of the people.

To both candidates and their supporters, I implore you to prioritize the welfare of Liberia above all else. Let us put aside personal interests and partisan differences, and instead focus on the greater good of our nation. Now is the time for unity, cooperation, and a shared vision for a prosperous and harmonious Liberia.

Remember that our strength lies in our ability to work together, to bridge divides, and to nurture the democratic principles upon which our nation was built. Let us engage in constructive dialogue, respect differing opinions, and seek common ground for the betterment of our society.

Any grievances or concerns regarding the electoral process should be addressed through legal and peaceful means. Violence and unrest serve only to undermine our progress and jeopardize the future we aspire to build.

We have come a long way as a nation, and the sustainability of our democratic principles is of paramount importance. Together, we can ensure that Liberia remains a beacon of democracy in our region and beyond.

In the face of uncertainty, let calm prevail. Let us trust in the electoral process, respect the results, and continue to work tirelessly for the development and prosperity of our beloved Liberia.

May peace, justice, and unity guide us in these critical times, and may Liberia always remain first in our hearts and actions.

Thank you, and may God bless Liberia.

Sheikh Al-moustapha Kouyateh

Former Presidential Candidate

Liberia First Movement

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