Africa: The awakening of a giant

By Dr. Mehenou Amouzou

Africa has endured several stages of cultural and commercial transformation; such transformation has occurred in different forms: slave trade, colonization, decolonization, independence and neocolonialism. Albeit a form of change has occurred, it’s probably safe to say there has been no real evolution. The nation still lives in plantation times. African citizens have no real enforceable rights; the present and future of the African people is precarious and uncertain. After gaining independence almost 70 years ago, Africa remains a very rich continent in terms of natural resources but very poor in infrastructure, everything is archaic and unsanitary. The faces of aging mothers and fathers reflect that the twilight is getting darker, the better future is very distant.

What can the explanation be for other similar continents evolving and finding happiness and prosperity, yet Africans are still dying of all kinds of ills. For example, a lack of drinking water, food, etc.? Are these African States led by powers foreign to Africa? Like the West, China, India? Do some African leaders have moods and consciences?

In addition to their inability to lead their countries, they want to monopolize power, they do not respect any established law; this is why the leaders of other continents neither respect nor consider Africa as a safe stable place. They find us irresponsible. The main cause is that we do not respect our constitution. How can a president arbitrarily change the constitution to stay in power? Maybe he considers himself a king?

Why did Niger give France 48 hours to recall its ambassador?

In international relations, a host country can decide on the accreditation of a third person by accepting or refusing their request. We remember the story of an African diplomat in Germany, following the behavior of the Ambassador, who had his accreditation withdrawn. Consider the case of General de Gaulle who when he became president of France through a coup d’état, did so without influence from any other country. It appears only Africa is able to attract third party sovereign attention regarding how it should be governed.

We wonder what action the French government wants to take by refusing to recall its ambassador on the grounds that the current Nigerien government is not legitimate. The French government is playing a ridiculous game. Niger is a sovereign country, Niger has the right to accept or refuse whoever it wishes. Can the French government interfere in the internal affairs of the United States, China, Japan, Belgium and Russia? Never. What is agitating France? Why does France want to go to war with Niger with the help of its vassals? The Nigerian people are not looking for war. The government of Niger wants its country to be respected. It’s truly a paradox: Niger, the poorest country, allows France, an industrialized country, to benefit from electricity supply. Niger, which supplies uranium to France, may only benefit from 15 to 20% of the electricity. France exports Nigerien electricity and uranium to other countries. In other words, it’s a sham position. How long will this sham last? Another 100 years? The people of Niger suffer from a lack of electrification in the country. If because of uranium France wants to wage war on a poor country it would be better to find an enemy of its size such as the United States, China, Russia, Japan, Algeria, India, North Korea or Iran etc.

Why hide behind countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Benin to declare war on Niger? Can France enter into conflict with China? Russia? Algeria? Or is there something the French government is hiding from us? The vassal countries of France, i.e. the warring countries, such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Benin are in an economically and politically disastrous state. Nigeria’s government is tired, humiliated by its inability to end the ongoing war against the Boko Haram group and unable to find a solution to the economic and social problem. Despite all the problems Nigeria faces, France believes they can declare war on Niger!

The leaders of Senegal, Ivory Coast and Benin have nothing to offer their populations who only ask for respect for their institutions but their leaders do not care. It is the cult of personality while forgetting the misery of the people. The people of these countries want their governments to take care of them as a priority, they are unconstitutional leaders, sowing anarchy; such leaders are the laughing stock of an entire continent. Which of these four states can give lessons in democracy and human rights to the Nigerien people? Does the charter that governs ECOWAS make it possible to declare war on a member state or to promote the development of the region? Declaring war on a member state was not part of the founding fathers’ plan. If the people who are supposed to represent us do not obey the basic rules, do they still need our support? It is not the interest of ECOWAS that these people represent but the interest of the West.

According to article 9 of the Vienna Convention in April 1961, Niger can notify France that its ambassador is not welcome on its territory and in this case, France is obliged to respect the sovereign decision of Niger. What right does France have to impose its choice? Even though it knows article 9 well! Can France declare war on Russia or Brazil? If Africa has cooperated with France unilaterally for 100 years, it is time to review and provide other winners, winners and not from dominant to dominated. This cooperation is not healthy, it is misleading. Awakening Our continent sinks into Misfortune, ridicule and deflects the ridicule of others. If Africa is bad, why do other people like to come and live there but do not want to cohabit with Africans? It is time for some incompetent leaders, confused in their heads, to stop considering the power of the people as a private domain. Let’s stop receiving external orders. Why do these heads of state not care about their population who are dying of hunger and unsanitary conditions? This is now suffering more than during the colonial period. It’s sad, it’s a bitter observation which demonstrates our inability to take charge of ourselves; Europe, Asia, the United States cannot develop Africa for us. Since independence and until the present, some African leaders are walking backwards; it is only in Africa that we see ministers who have never worked in the private sector become billionaires; it really is the culture of mediocrity. Ministers of this type will never initiate research projects because their interests lie elsewhere.

Two years ago we published the new Africa, where we envisaged a division into four regions. North Africa, West Africa, East Africa and South Africa, so that the president of all Africa is elected by the four regions. There is an urgent need to move towards making this project a reality. This is possible by counting on our own forces and on aid from friendly African countries. This time we will control all African projects of up to 60% and open the capital to 40% to foreign investors. The Inga dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo (according to experts who conducted the Dutch firm’s feasibility studies) can produce electricity for almost the entire African continent. This study was carried out during the time of former President Mobutu. Until today, nothing has been able to see the light of day. Why has such an ambitious project, the pride of Africa, remained in the drawers? Not even a start of work? No African leader wants to start this project as if it were unachievable. Now, the DRC is ravaged by three wars: a civil war, an invader’s war, and a perpetual war to destabilize the Congo so that it does not seize the opportunity to develop, and that its wealth does not benefit the Congolese. Africa is capable, and we must avoid the mistakes that have been made in the past, economic and financial sabotage by white collar experts, putting our countries, very rich in raw materials, in debt to the point that they become beggars. For example, the construction of the Ivorian oil refinery is not used to refine oil produced in Ivory Coast; the latter is sold in its raw state to France, but the aim of this oil complex was to refine Ivorian black gold. Why is this refinery not used? To better indebt the country into billions of francs? This method of management by economic and technical advisors was detrimental to the African economy and lasted several decades. How to amortize these debts which become heavy burdens. Governments are cutting basic funding for the population; the same goes for the marketing of oil, phosphate, uranium, manganese, and gold, etc. Africa sells its resources but it is the buyer who sets the price and the quantity purchased. It’s deception. Africa has trained a good number of executives but they are not in their area of ​​expertise. These economic advisors and technical assistants do nothing to stop or avoid the economic collapse, but their salaries are guaranteed, however their effectiveness on the ground has not been demonstrated

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger Mali is a blessed country thanks to its ancestors and those of Africa. When former President Sanogo had just taken power, there were more than ten intelligence services outside Africa. What were they looking for? This is why we persist in saying that the economic problems of the West have led to the development of terrorism. Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger must work together; open a community space, forming a zone of free movement of people and goods. We must focus on the development of agriculture, it is very important. Europe, the United States and China have passed through there. Now they have preferred to abandon traditional agriculture, and have chosen GMOs which have become one of the big problems of humanity. In 3 years, the three countries will be proud of their choice, others in the sub-region and even around the world will follow suit. Nigeria, which survived by utilizing agriculture, exported its know-how to the USA and all over the world. The Nigerian Naira was stronger than the American dollar in the 1970s. At that time, Nigeria exported agricultural products which constituted its first resource, oil the second. Nigeria, which had become known for its know-how as the best agricultural producer in the world, lost its leading position and became an importer of these products. The majority of what is imported is GMO, unsuitable food, risky for the health of the population which already lives in a precarious state.

Nigeria, which was supposed to be a political, military and economic force in the sub-region, has become a country without a pilot. Nigeria is searching for itself, it was unable to destroy Boko Haram which destroyed the country and displaced millions of people. Insecurity has become a recurring problem. As the economic situation does not improve, 30% of the population finds it difficult to have two meals a day. How a very rich and educated country can let its reputation and its know-how be ruined, incapable of taking care of its population. Despite its personal problems, Nigeria wants to declare war on its neighbor, Niger, under the pretext that the military has monopolized power. While the people are hungry, even drinking water is almost non-existent. Nigeria needs other countries to stop the “Boko Haram” phenomenon, to help develop the regional economy, and the agricultural economy in order to eliminate hunger and access drinking water. This would allow the region to be self-sufficient in food and to export the surplus to other neighboring countries. China has chosen to first develop agriculture at the national level, in order to export the surplus as a finished product. The technical industry comes after the mastery of the agronomic industries. All resources coming from African soil must be transformed before export, including coffee and cocoa. Regarding the gas deposit discovered in Senegal, let us hope that the Senegalese government will embark on the path of transforming these ores into a finished product before export.

The unilateral development that Africa experienced more than sixty years ago is a one-way development that is to say for the benefit of the West which has impoverished Africa. How can the West offer only 10% to 15% maximum of revenues and keep the 85% to a continent as rich in natural resources as Africa! The West is threatening Africa with a coup d’état if it does not sign an agreement to cooperate (a fool’s agreement). For example, we remember Gambia under Yaya Jammeh, the former president of Gambia was dismissed under the pretext that he lost the presidential election, ECOWAS and the West ousted him from power. This concerns the oil field located in the high seas of the Gambia, the European countries offered 10% to the Gambia, its president Yaya Jammeh refused; They made a counter offer at 15%, he refused and demanded 50%; the Europeans opposed it, which led to his dismissal. Not wanting to leave power, he was pushed out by the ECOWAS war-mongers supported by the West. It’s really sad, doesn’t ECOWAS have intelligence services? Can’t they analyze the information given? What fighting force do we have? The West trains them but the result is disappointing. In July 2023, the same scenario repeats itself. All the Nigerien people disavow the former president, women, children, young and old people. So ECOWAS advocates an embargo on all goods, including medicines intended for the sick. What ECOWAS do we want? That of men and women or that of sheep? ECOWAS must be close to its people and not endorse its African presidents who serve multiple mandates. Everything appears to support warmongers claiming to respect the constitution and presidents who are outlaws. They win through rigged elections and rule by brutal force but are incapable of fighting terrorism.

If ECOWAS does not want to adopt the posture of a responsible organization, it is better to dissolve it and form a new entity serving the people and the region. For the moment we can say that ECOWAS is hindering the development of the region. One of the main causes of the development of growing terrorism in Africa The economic problems of the West have led to the development of terrorism in the world and mainly in developing countries, notably those producing oil, bauxite, manganese, gold, diamonds, uranium, coltan, cobalt… etc. Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned in 2016 during the month of September and October that the countries that monetize are the industrialized countries. We published an article in 2016 mentioning this. We tried to contact the organizers of “the conference on maritime security in Lomé, Togo and the real issues!” We were satisfied with the title of the subject; it had been hoped that in-depth research work would be carried out; and which could lead Africans to understand the real causes in order to tackle the roots of the problem. If at the beginning we had a serious approach, the result is different today. Terrorism is the consequence of the economic problem facing the world! Some Westerners are fences, if they lived in countries applying the law, they would have been imprisoned. Can we judge criminal States even though they have nuclear weapons? The West wants to monopolize the wealth of others using barbaric methods, killings, assassinations, etc. Why this state gangsterism? Because the West does not have the necessary means. Unfortunately they have accomplices in all the governments they control. The terrorists are in the Member States, protected, fed, armed and are even paid a minimum of 150,000 FCFA per month and another 150,000 FCFA every two weeks,

Terrorism is a war declared to monopolize African resources. Nigeria and other countries must declare total war on this scourge that the West wants to impose on African countries. What does the UN think of everything that is happening? This institution that General de Gaulle called “this thing” cannot do much because all this funding comes partly from lawless countries. The West is so in debt that its back is now against the wall. The war in Ukraine was supposed to weaken Russia and bring a breath of fresh air, but on the contrary it was devastating for Ukraine and the West. African countries should pool their resources; in order to drive out terrorists from the territories. Terrorism today is an economic war imposed by the West on weak countries. Dictators who think the opposition is their enemy are wrong. If dictators gag opposition parties, what will they do to defend themselves against a possible enemy? The majority of African armies in French-speaking countries are at the service of their heads of state and not at the service of the people. This is easily understood to the extent that most military personnel were trained and encouraged in France to reproduce the pattern. They are there to repress the population, they are neither prepared to wage war nor to fight against terrorism. Most of the time they are under-equipped, and ineffective when they go into theaters on the ground, whereas the terrorists are better equipped. The latter are sometimes often complicit with the governments of certain countries. We are grateful to Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger for having decided to eradicate terrorism. This is a war that Africa must win; it is imperative, the survival of the African people depends on it. This is an opportune time for Nigeria to seize this opportunity to demonstrate its know-how. Nigeria is rich, but very disorganized, no one can count on this country. Nigeria aspires to be a member of the UN Security Council; we do not believe it is in a position to defend the continent even considering the weight of its population. It is very disorganized and for the current time Algeria appears to be the country best suited to defend Africa. It is a brother country, grateful, which has only one word. The leaders of the vassal countries bring nothing and add nothing, they are only submissive presidents.

Dr. Mehenou Amouzou received his Master in Business, from the European Advanced Institute of Management, also a Certificate in Finance and Investment in Paris, France. He completed his Post Graduation work in Political Strategy, International Relation and Defense Strategies and earned his Ph.D. in Finance.


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