AFELL Bemoans Disappearances, Gruesome Killings of Women, Children In Liberia

president of AFELL, Attorney Vivian Neal

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has bemoaned what it calls frequent disappearances, Ritualistic killings, mysterious deaths and other heinous crimes across the country, especially cases involving women, girls and children.

In a statement signed by the organization’s President Attorney Vivian Neal, AFELL said the latest discovery of a gruesome murder of a lady found in Caldwell whose body parts were extracted with the photos going viral on social media, as well as the mysterious death of a young girl whose body was found on 17th street amongst many others is in indeed very worrying and is taking a mental toll and creating an environment of fear on the population.

AFELL is further calling on the Liberian Government through President George Weah,   who has the constitutional mandate to protect the citizens of the country and foreigners to direct and mandate without delay, the joint security of the country to commence an immediate investigation of these and all other cases of mysterious deaths as well as rape and abuse of innocent and vulnerable victims.

The organization through its President said all legal means should be employed to identify these barbaric perpetrators and bring them to justice.

“AFELL needs to see some concrete actions on the part of the government in order to allay the fears of our people from these waves of increased number of disappearances and mysterious deaths in the country,” the organization said in a statement issued by its President, Atty. Vivian Neal.

The statement further said “The   state security must be proactive.   It must put in place the necessary mechanism   to bring an end to these inhumane and barbaric acts of violence against vulnerable citizens and residents of the Republic of Liberia. Enough is enough.”

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