AFELL Advocates for Justice and Accountability in Liberia

The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has expressed its commitment to addressing the issue of impunity in Liberia and upholding the country’s rule of law system.

In a statement delivered by Atty. Philomena Williams, President  of AFELL during the National Bar Assembly, the organization highlighted the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions and ensuring access to justice for war victims.

AFELL was founded in 1994 during the Liberian civil crisis, a time when women and children faced violence, including rape and harassment.

Despite threats to their own security, the women lawyers of Liberia fought against impunity and worked tirelessly to protect human rights and advocate for justice under the rule of law.

It says rule of law in Liberia is compromised when legislation fails to guarantee victims’ right to justice and allows perpetrators to go unpunished.

“Additionally, if the Executive branch fails to take action against impunity and instead protects perpetrators from punishment, it undermines the rule of law,” AFELL President said in a statement.

AFELL emphasized that this conduct rewards criminals and denies justice to victims, which is in clear contradiction to Liberia’s constitution.

As an integral part of the Judiciary, AFELL expressed concern over President Joseph Boakai’s recent statement regarding inefficiencies and lack of public trust in the justice system.

The organization called on all lawyers, including judges, to adhere to professional standards and uphold the rule of law, citing the importance of protecting the legal profession.

AFELL declared its support for the establishment of the War and Economic Crime Court, aligning its stance with the Liberia National Bar Association. The organization vowed to continue its fight against impunity and uphold justice under the rule of law, standing firm against fear and threats.

In conclusion, AFELL says it remains dedicated to its mission of addressing impunity and advocating for justice in Liberia. The organization’s tireless efforts aim to protect human rights and ensure accountability for perpetrators of crimes.

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