AEL turns over project to Liberian Government

By Emmanuel Mafelah |

The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia AEL has officially turned over to the Liberian Government the total number of thirty-one hand-pumps, seven latrines and ten handwashing facilities in Zota District.

Prior to the extension of AEL’s humanitarian services in the District, 80%  of the residents of Zota district had no access to safe drinking water a situation that that led to the increase of diarrhea and other waterborne diseases in the area.

Some residents of Zota especially children between the ages of three and eight had died as a result of drinking unsafe waters.

Since the construction of the hand-pumps, residents of the area are now living happily and using the safe water for drinking and other domestic purposes.

Officially turning over the facilities to the Liberian government, AEL’s Wash Officer and Acting General Secretary Rev. Ebenezer M. Binda urged Community Dwellers to put in place measures that will ensure the full maintenance of the erected facilities.

Rev. Binda told the residents to take ownership of the facilities maintaining that it will help to improve their living conditions.

He at the same time appealed to the government through the local Authorities to constitute measures that will ensure the constant monitoring of the facilities.

At the same time, Mission Alliance (the Donor) Representative to Liberia and Sierra Leone Rune Ouoard expressed happiness over the level of work AEL has done and at pledged his institution’s fullest support to the livelihood improvement of the Bong County citizens.

Mr. Ouoard said AEL has over the years shown serious commitment to ensuring the significant usage of funds his institution has been providing and as such, they will continue to support AEL in achieving its goals.

Bong County Superintendent Esther Yamah Walker in respond to acceptance speech, extended commendations to AEL and Mission Alliance and promised to collaborate with the direct beneficiaries of the facilities.

Madam Walker told the gathering that her office will implement every necessary measure to help maintain the thirty one hand pumps, seven latrines and ten hand washing facilities.

For their part, Representatives of the nineteen communities lavished praises on AEL and described the ceremony as a beginning of a new day in their lives.

“I am very happy for what AEL has done for us, we been suffering for safe drinking water hear and seeing that AEL has constructed one in our Town is something we want to say thank you for” Mr. Flomo Moah, a resident of Kollieta told Journalist.

Also speaking, a mother of five children whose husband died during the Ebola crises said since AEL constructed the hand pump in Yorwee, the challenges they used to face has been eased.

“At the time we used to fetch water from the creek, my children really used to get sick. But since AEL brought the water, none of them have experienced sickness and I am happy for that “Korto Gohoteh adds.

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