Advocates March, Demand Safer Streets After Car Fatally Struck Two Kids In Brooklyn

By Ruschell Boone  | |

Advocates marched in Brooklyn on Monday night, demanding safer streets, one week after a car accident killed two children in Park Slope.

“We’re done putting up teddy bears on lampposts to remind drivers to slow down. We’re done calling our friends and letting them know that they’ve lost another classmate. We’re done attending another funeral from a classmate that has been killed by reckless drivers,” said Alison Collard de Beaufort, the president and founder of the Vision Zero youth Council. “We want this to end, and we are ready to fight for it.”

Hundreds of people, including many children marched several blocks to the intersection, 5th Ave. and 9th St. in Park Slope, where the accident happened.

A man who lost his sister in a car accident told NY what he hopes the march will accomplish.

“We need better, more modern street design. Vision Zero design standards work and they’re proven to work, but they’re not rolled out fast enough,” said Hank Miller of advocacy group Families for Safe Streets. “We need the NYPD to enforce the laws that are on the books, and we need our lawmakers to introduce stronger legislation that keeps these drivers off the road.”

Josh Lew, 1, and Abigail Blumenstein, 4, were killed last week after a car hit them while they crossed the intersection with their mothers. Several other people were also injured, including Blumenstein’s pregnant mother, who goes by the stage name Ruthie Ann Miles.

Authorities said Dorothy Bruns of Staten Island plowed through the crosswalk after suffering a seizure. She has not been charged.

Police said she has previous traffic violations, including speeding in a school zone and running red lights.

In response to the accident, lawmakers have proposed suspending a driver’s license after the driver is caught speeding two or more times in a school zone.

Some of the protesters Monday night also rallied in support of the suggested measure, and said it is time for Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to find solutions.

About two dozen council members intend to head to Albany to push for changes in legislation.


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