ADFI Wants Empowerment -For Persons with Disabilities In Liberia

The Association of disabled Females International (ADFI) in collaboration with other disabled organizations is calling on President George Weah to ensure that Persons with disabilities (PwDs) are empowered during his administration.

The association praised former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for including them in her government at least 60%, but wants the Weah’s administration to do more in order to improve their lives.

Speaking at a one-day workshop on Inclusion and Empowerment of persons with disabilities within the government, the Executive Director of the group, Meima Hoff Bettie said her group is advocating for the rights of women living with disabilities in Liberia.

Madam Bettie is at the same time urging President George Weah to give back power to those who elected him, mostly the disabled community.

She said it’s time the current government do more like it was done during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government.

The Association of disabled Females International boss added that people living with disabilities are also depending on the government to see how best it can help in changing their stories.

For her part, the President of the National Union of Organizations of the Disabled (NUOD), Naomi Harris said she wants the government to employ people with disabilities as they are also qualified to work in developing the country.

She said people living with disabilities have for too long been look down upon in the Liberian society and it’s time that they too feel the impact of the government.

She stressed the need that they too be appointed in government as appointment is ongoing in the government, saying that they too have qualified people in their area who can work to change things.

The NUOD’s boss wants President Weah to allow them choose someone they trust to be the head for the National Commission for Disabilities (NCD).

Source: Reuben Sei Waylaun

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