Actor Van Vicker Meets Old Classmate For The First Time In 34 Years

By  Jeffrey Mensah /

Award-winning Ghanaian actor Van Vicker recently met a classmate from his primary school days in Liberia Van Vicker shared a photo posing with his friend, who he described as his leading contender for the first position in the class.

The actor indicated that because of their smartness, all the sweet girls in the class were friends with them. Celebrated actor Joseph Van Vicker has given his fans a blast from his, revealing that he was a ladies’ man in primary school.

The actor recently met one of his primary school classmates and shared a photo of their encounter on his Instagram page. The image had the two posing with smiles in a room. In his caption, Van Vicker revealed that the man in the photo was Sam Divine, a classmate of his from when he schooled in Liberia. He added that they had not met for 34 years ago.

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