Achieving the Africa We Want: Conference for building a conflict-free Africa by developing a legal framework

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Recognising the African Union’s 2018 theme – “Winning the Fight against corruption: A Sustainable Path to African’s Transformation”, the people of Africa unite to address the urgent need to curb corruption as a factor limiting peaceful development in Africa.

On the 13-14 of August, organizations from across South Africa will host a two-day African Leaders of Peace Summit in Cape Town.

The summit aims to bring together government ministries, civil society organizations including youth and women, media, educators and religious leaders to seek practical solutions for peacebuilding.

It will provide a platform for former and current leaders of Africa to advocate an intergenerational dialogue to promote sustainable peace and security and develop a legal framework for a conflict-free Africa.

As a resolution to establish a legal framework for peace that can be implemented at both national and international level, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) will be discussed in the various sessions including peace education, civil society, and youth.

The DPCW addresses principles of conflict resolution and international cooperation for peacebuilding such as respect on the international law, peaceful dispute settlement, and spreading a culture of peace. It also shares the vision of the Agenda 2063 supporting the goal, a peaceful and gun-free Africa.

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