62-Year-Old Man Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl In Grand Gedeh

ZWEDRU, Nov. 13 (LINA) – A man claiming to be 62 years old and identified as William Toe has been arrested for allegedly raping a five year-old girl.

The incident took place on November 7 in Gwein Town, Cavalla Administrative District in Grand Gedeh County.

According to the police in Zwedru, suspect Toe was charged with rape and sent to the Zwedru City Magisterial Court for proper adjudication of the case.

The charge sheet indicated that the victim (name withheld) usually visited accused Toe referring to him as daddy.

But on that fateful day, the accused reportedly claimed that he ‘came from the farm and was drunk.’

The accused reportedly fumbled with the little girl’s private part and on her return home the parents noticed she was walking in an unusual manner and when questioned the child explained that suspect Toe had used his finger in her anus.

The parents reported the matter to the Town Chief who sent for suspect Toe the following day.

He admitted committing the act and pleaded that the matter be settled with the family.

The Town chief invited the police and suspect Toe was arrested and taken to Zwedru, the capital of Grand Gedeh County.

Mr. Philip S. Greene, senior solicitor at the magisterial court, told the Liberia News Agency via telephone that suspect Toe has been sent to the National Palace of Corrections in Zwedru pending court trial.


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