60 Liberian Women Trafficked In Oman Say They’re Sexually Abused, And Want To Return Home

Photo credit: FPA

60 Liberian women who were reportedly trafficked in Oman, Western Asia, for greener pasture are said to be stranded, calling on the Liberian Government to help in their repatriation back home.

Addressing dozens of citizens in Bomi County, Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe disclosed that the women, who were trafficked by unknown individuals in that country, said they are been harassed, and sexually abused by the captors who have deliberately refused to allow them to leave.

Senator Snowe further disclosed the women cannot leave Oman, as their alleged traffickers are said to be requesting refunds before they can be released to return to their home country, Liberia.

He also said it is very difficult to have the women repatriated because Liberia has no diplomatic relationship with that country, and further disclosed that both the ministries of labor and foreign affairs have been informed of the situation.

Oman is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Known as the Sultanate of Oman, this country is part of Western Asia

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