5 Die As Plane Breaks Apart, Crashes Into Neighborhood In Southern California

Firefighters work in the driveway of a house damaged in a deadly plane crash Sunday in Yorba Linda, Calif. Officials say at least five people died, including the pilot and four people who were in the house.
Alex Gallardo/AP

At least five people were killed Sunday when a plane apparently broke apart in the air and plummeted into a neighborhood in Yorba Linda, Calif. The pilot died, along with four people in a house hit by wreckage. Officials aren’t sure what caused the crash.

Two of the victims owned the two-story stucco house that was hit and was engulfed in a raging fire, said Lt. Cory Martino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. 

Several witnesses described a dramatic scene in which the aircraft, a 1981 twin-engine Cessna 414, burst into flames and began breaking apart even before it hit the house. Security surveillance footage seemed to confirm that version of events, showing the out-of-control plane trailing black smoke as it fell to the ground.

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