28-Year-Old Man Arrested In Margbi County For Allegedly Sodomizing 7-Year Boy

Suspect Thomas Clark

Lots of usual happenings are taken place in Liberia nowadays, backed with the increased rape of minors and the sodomizing of young boys has taken over; demonizing Liberia on the international scene.

The most recent if the arrest of a 28 years old man  in Margibi County for allegedly sodomizing a 7- year old boy, as the suspect, Thomas Clark justifying his act to not having sexual affairs with a female for over seven years.

The Mother of the Survivor told Police Investigators that Timothy Clarke had sex with her 7yrs old son on April 20, 2022.

Suspect Timothy Clarke, 28, admitted to sodomizing the 7 years old boy, and further explain that his decision was triggered by his inability to get a girlfriend for the past seven years.

Clarke, a former security officer and employee of the Prince Rennie Security Guard is a neighbor of the survivor in Weala, Margibi County.

Source: OK FM Liberia

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